System Recovery

Fast automated machine recovery

Our BMR software recovers physical, virtual or cloud source machines to new target machines in a different environment or on dissimilar hardware. The target environment can also be physical, virtual or cloud. It is possible to have any combination of source and target environments, including cloud to physical and cloud to cloud. The software works with all current versions and many legacy versions of Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX.

Recovery is carried out at a file level and the software ensures that the recovered system is functionally identical to the source system at the point in time that the backup or snapshot was made.

A unique feature of the software is its integration with a number of enterprise third party backup products. This provides system recovery directly from the native backup and without the requirement to take another backup of the system files. The integrations include:

System recovery can be carried out from a backup of the source machine for DR protection or from a live running machine for machine migration purposes.

Recover screen screenshot
Recover section of the Cristie Virtual Appliance showing details of previous recoveries and events. You can import a known good backup from simulation to restore in the event of a disaster.