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Simplifying system migration for service providers & integrators

Provide system Migration as-a-Service for your customers

Simplify migration to any virtual, physical or Cloud target

Perform periodic syncs prior to cutover

Create a sandbox testing environment

Key features & benefits for CloneManager Migration users​

Ensure migrations are functional before cutover​

Migrations can be tested using a Virtual Machine Instance ahead of cutover, without interrupting periodic synchronization​

Migrate directly to Virtual Disk Image Files​

Clone directly to a target disk image file instead of a running virtual or physical machine, saving you the time and cost of maintaining a running target system​

Broad platform support​

Support for all major Cloud and Virtual compute platforms such as Amazon Web Services S3, Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure & migration direct to VMware Datastores​

Fast performance and disk sizing flexibility​

With support for both file and block based migration, CloneManager provides flexibility for target system disk sizing and replication performance​

Licensed per successful migration​

Migrations are matched based on IP/MAC address combinations and can be rerun multiple times within the license period​

CloneManager Migration requires one license per system it protects and includes 12 month free support & maintenance. Find out more about our pricing here

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