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Recovery Testing

Recovery & Replication to meet SLAs and RPO/RTO targets for vital infrastructure and business services.



Comprehensive System Recovery Testing with Cristie

Cristie Recovery offers automated recovery simulations with detailed reporting to measure performance against RTO targets. For critical infrastructure, CloneManager ensures synchronous replication and customizable sync periods to meet demanding SLAs. With CloneManager RPO reporting, verify system failover meets RPO targets, ensuring service resilience. Additionally, systems can be replicated into isolated environments for testing without disrupting live synchronization, providing comprehensive validation of recovery plans.

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Cristie Software Benefits

  • Cristie Recovery Simulations Provide Measurement Against Your RTO Targets.

    Cristie Recovery provides automated recovery simulation with detailed reporting on actual recovery duration for comparison against RTO targets.

  • Meet Demanding Service Level Agreements with CloneManager Synchronous Replication.

    For vital infrastructure and services that must meet stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Cristie’s CloneManager provides synchronous replication with customizable sync periods.

  • CloneManager RPO Reporting Provides Verification that your System Failover will meet RPO Targets.

    CloneManager RPO reporting can help to ensure that vital services within a tiered service delivery architecture have the resilience needed to meet SLA requirements.

  • Replicate Systems to an Isolated Environment for Testing Without Impacting Ongoing Synchronisation.

    Systems can be replicated into an isolated environment to test the viability of clone targets while continuing to update live replications with ongoing syncs.

Elevate Your Migration Strategy with Cristie

Directly migrate to a wide variety of virtual and cloud-based platforms. Provide seamless cloud onboarding with simple licensing that includes 12 months free support & maintenance. Contact us to obtain the latest list of supported migration platforms!

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