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Cristie ABMR

Extending Dell Avamar software to provide System Recovery to Physical, Virtual or Cloud targets

Cristie ABMR software protects your critical servers by recovering them directly from your Avamar backups.


Cristie BMR Recovery for Avamar simplifies the automated recovery of multiple systems.

Powerful features remove complexity and manual intervention from your recovery workflow. Recovery simulations can be scheduled to ensure your disaster recovery plan will work when you need it most.

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Key features & benefits for Dell Avamar users

ABMR is re-sold globally by Dell Technologies and its channel partners as a recommended recovery solution and is available for both perpetual and subscription-based licensing.

ABMR provides DR automation and orchestration capabilities, plus the ability to recover systems within a sandbox environment to validate recovery processes and verify RTO objectives.

System DR process audits are a core component of many industry compliance directives. Our DR orchestration tools enable the automation of recovery simulation reports to simplify your regulatory compliance procedures.

Adding ABMR to your Dell Avamar environment allows recovery of operating systems, applications, user configuration and data to any point in time available in your Avamar backup software. Cristie RBMR Recovery incorporates Advanced Anomaly Detection which applies Machine Learning algorithms to detect malicious file encryption as part of the system recovery workflow, this can provide an early warning of possible ransomware activity.

Recover directly from existing Dell Avamar backups without extra infrastructure or management. Systems can recovered at scale with simple bulk entry of server parameters to facilitate large server estate protection. Our automation features for physical machine recovery can eliminate time consuming manual intervention.

AMBR can recover systems from Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, VMware, Hyper-V and cloud platforms such as Azure, OCI and Amazon EC2. Refer to the ABMR Product Support Matrix for the latest compatibility information.

How ABMR works

Learn more about ABMR.

ABMR is a vital addition to any Dell Avamar installation providing all the necessary files to rebuild a system to its identical state preceding any disaster scenario.

When combined with the Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Vault, AMBR provides the highest levels of protection and integrity for a company’s most valuable system configurations.

Without this addition, physical system recovery becomes a labour-intensive process as applications and configuration files need to be rebuilt manually.

Adding ABMR allows customers to leverage the resiliency of the Cyber Recovery Vault solution to protect and restore their vital systems, including all necessary configuration information. Systems can be restored directly from the vault to dissimilar hardware, or to alternative virtual or cloud recovery targets.

ABMR - Workflow Sequence

VM, Cloud or Physical Server

Prepare Server

Install ABMR Agent
Install Avamar Agent
Create/Copy Binary

Protect Server

Create Protection Policy & Group

Download the Recovery ISO

Download the recovery ISO from Cristie

Boot Recovery ISO

Connect to Avamar Platform

select desired snapshot

Complete Recovery

ABMR Recovery Environment

ABMR requires one license per system it protects and includes 12 month free support & maintenance. Find out more about our pricing here

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