System Recovery
for Rubrik

Cristie Recovery RBMR for Rubrik video walkthrough​

Extending Rubrik to provide System Recovery to Physical, Virtual or Cloud targets

Recover entire systems following a disaster or cyberattack

Trust your DR environment with Cristie recovery simulation

Comprehensive reports to meet compliance directives

Key features & benefits for Rubrik users

Rubrik Recommended

RBMR is re-sold globally by Rubrik channel partners as a recommended recovery solution and is available for both perpetual and subscription based licensing. For pricing, contact

DR Automation &
Recovery Sandbox testing

RBMR provides DR automation and orchestration capabilities, plus the ability to recover systems within a sandbox environment to validate recovery processes and RTO objectives ..Learn more

Broad OS & virtualization
platform support

RBMR can recover systems from Windows, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V and cloud platforms such as Azure, OCI and Amazon EC2. Installations based on AIX and Solaris can also be supported through our standalone CBMR solution.

Integrated System Recovery

Recover directly from existing Rubrik backups without extra infrastructure or management, RBMR supports both files/folders as well block based backups.

The Rubrik integration with RBMR allows Rubrik to perform bare-metal recovery to any operating system that is supported by RBMR.

RBMR works by booting a “recovery environment” which contains an operating system image with all required RBMR tools and scripts to facilitate the recovery process.

RBMR will reconfigure the target system to match the original system’s disk/network layout, or these parameters can be modified if required. RBMR calls to Rubrik to recover the data and prepares the system to boot – injecting any new drivers necessary when configuring the bootloader.

Simulated recoveries can also be scheduled so that an entire server infrastructure can be tested over a desired timeframe. The recovery machines can be held in an isolated network and released after each simulation, so storage is not permanently required. Detailed reporting highlights any problems encountered and provides a full audit track of successful results.

Running a recovery is straightforward,
following this simple process:

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Install Rubrik RBS & RBMR software on the client system to be protected.

License the RMBR software using a trial or full license*

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Perform a standard RMBR backup.

Boot the RBMR ISO on the target system and monitor the automated restore process.

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RBMR requires one license per system it protects and includes 12 month free support & maintenance. Find out more about our pricing here

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