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Our Recovery (BMR) software integrates with industry leading backup providers such as IBM, Dell EMC, Cohesity & Rubrik to recover machines directly from their backups. Machines can be restored to dissimilar hardware and also to virtual and cloud environments.

System Recovery Overview

System Recovery Solutions​

Virtual Appliance Clustering

VA clustering provides resilience for recovery jobs in the event of an appliance failure.

License & Estate Reporting

The VA can provide a comprehensive report of all licenses and your server estate with CSV export.

Automated Recoveries

This allows an application group of servers or an entire data center to be recovered quickly.

Recovery to Isolated Networks

Allows automated recovery testing without impacting the production environment. In addition, DR automation can shutdown or delete the DR environment after testing, reducing consumption costs where cloud is being used.

Point in time recoveries

Cristie BMR provides point in time recoveries as supported by the host backup application.

Recovery Log Analysis

Recovery reports are analyzed by our AI engine providing automatic detection of any anomalies.

Email Notifications

Receive email notifications of any recovery errors, failures or detected anomalies.

Full DR Orchestration & Reporting

Recovery processes can be scripted for testing and failover including manual tasks such as loading a tape cartridge. Recovery email reports can be generated for compliance purposes.

Legacy Platform Support

Recoveries are supported on Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris operating systems including many older legacy versions.

Fast recovery to dissimilar hardware

Recoveries can be carried out in as little as ten minutes to different physical hardware as well as to virtual & cloud environments.

System Recovery Solutions - Direct from Native Backups

Enhanced System Recovery for users of Cohesity DataProtect, Dell EMC Avamar, Dell EMC Networker, IBM Spectrum Protect, Rubrik, VMware and AIX.

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