Cloud Migration with automated OS Modernization

Cloud migration presents a great opportunity to move applications to a more modern operating system (OS). In some cases, an OS update may be mandatory to meet the minimum supported cloud platform OS image versions. For example, Oracle Cloud currently offers Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Datacenter as the earliest available platform image level. Migrating […]

Introducing CloneManager Offline Replication.

Here’s an introduction to a new feature that will be brought to our Virtual Appliance – CloneManager Offline Replication. This is an alternative cloning mechanism to standard CloneManager, using a different agent, and no live environment for the target.

What Are The Benefits of DR Orchestration?

Server failures and IT disasters can happen when you least expect them. Here’s how Cristie DR orchestration can further enhance your business’s resiliency by automating all the stages of your recovery process and taking your DR testing to the next level.