Empirical Technical Debt

Determining the cost and location of technical debt using measurements of velocity in a DevOps organisation. By measuring the time it takes to make change, and the locations where change is hardest, we estimate the interest we are paying on technical debt and the best place to start paying off the capital.

SysBack 7.1

Cristie are pleased to announce the release of SysBack 7.1 for AIX, the first release of SysBack for AIX constructed and tested at Cristie. This includes support of TSM 8.1.4 and above using SSL certificates, modifications and corrections to the licensing model and minor bug fixes in scripts, code and documentation.

Mixing the old and the new

If you haven’t tested your recoveries, you do not have backups. All well and good, but in a heterogeneous computing environment systems rely on each other …and sometimes, some of those systems pre-date virtualisation and require extra care…

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

In 1910 Henry Gantt laid out a framework that was used in World War 1 to manage the manoeuvring of weaponry, “The Gantt Chart” has been part of project management vocabulary ever since. In his book “The art of doing twice the work in half the time” Jeff Sutherland explains…

Avoiding crypto mining

In light of recent news surrounding Starbucks’ wi-fi hijack and the surge in interest regarding cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. Looking at how your business can put in place best practice to avoid crypto mining, where cryptocurrency is installed as a malware, might just save your company some valuable resource.