Meet Jim Carter, Customer Support Manager at Cristie

Jim Carter heads up our Customer Support and Testing teams at Cristie. Here he tells us what a typical day looks like, what sets Cristie apart, and how his team has adapted to remote working in 2020.
Jim Carter

Jim Carter heads up our Customer Support and Testing teams at Cristie. Here he tells us what a typical day looks like, what sets Cristie apart, and how his team has adapted to remote working in 2020.  

Tell us a bit about you. How long have you worked at Cristie, and what do you do when you’re not working?  

I’m the Customer Support Manager at Cristie, and have been working here since 2009. I started here as a support engineer and have worked in support ever since. I’ve recently taken over the Testing team too, and I handle the technical side of pre-sales.  

In my spare time, I’m a keen cyclist – nothing beats that feeling of being out on the road on two wheels! 

Do you have a typical day?  

Yes and no! We try to schedule the day, but we’ve also got to be responsive to the urgent calls that come in and must be dealt with quickly.  

I start the day with scrum meetings with various teams to check back on the day before and set out priorities for the coming day. We check the overnight cases, then look at the short notice calls from sales and support that have come in to plan how to deal with them.  

2020 has been a year like no other. What’s been a standout moment for you?  

2020 in a nutshell?  We needed to find new ways of working – and fast!  Like everyone else, we had to get used to using Teams, sharing screens, having online conversations. We needed huge flexibility from the team – and they’ve all stepped up. Transferring to home working has been really successful for us.  

What are you looking forward to in 2021? 

We’ll continue to strengthen our tech partnerships, and from a product point of view, we’ve got lots coming up. One example? Block based replication into CloneManager is both exciting from a tech point of view and will make a better experience for the customer.  

What makes Cristie stand out?  

Our responsiveness to our customers when it comes to meeting their requirements. Many of the enhancements we make to our products come from customer feedback. We also add integrations into our Partners’ software to make our software more efficient to use with theirs. As a company, we’re ‘Can Do’!  

What’s your favourite part of the job? 

Solving problems! I’ve always enjoyed customer service – basically I just love a challenge and the opportunity to sort out a problem! I Just like it when products perform a function that people can understand and can use.  

Getting more from Customer Support 

Support is provided with all valid licenses and support/maintenance agreements.  

This provides technical support by telephone and email from our team, access to the Cristie community forum (you must be registered on our website to gain access), upgrades to the latest release of the software and assistance in setting up and testing software, for evaluation purposes or for a proof of concept. 

If you have any support queries you can contact Jim and his team on (UK): +44 (0) 1453 847009 | US Toll Free: 1-866-TEC-CBMR | email: 

For more information about our support assistance please see here.  

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