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System Migration

Flexible automated migration between dissimilar operating platforms.

Cristie System Migration

Customer Challenge:​

Migration of systems between dissimilar operating environments is an area where professional services are often deployed due to the challenges it can present, such as configuration, resource allocation and version incompatibility. The migration to Azure Stack HCI cluster is a popular option for many companies undergoing digital transformation and one that was proving cumbersome using native migration tools for a major global systems integrator. Existing tools were unable to automate the creation of migrated virtual machines within Azure Stack HCI leaving this stage as a manual process that would be impractical for large scale migrations. There was a clear need for an improved migration workflow for current and future Azure Stack HCI projects. 

Cristie Solution:​

Cristie Software worked closely with the client’s integration team to further refine the VMware to Hyper-V & Azure Stack HCI migration capabilities of Cristie’s CloneManager software. The enhancements solved the limitations encountered using native migration tools, including automatic VM creation within Azure Stack HCI for multiple systems and additional difficulties presented when migrating systems within the customer’s demilitarized zone perimeter network (DMZ). Migration groups can be created so that application groups can be managed and migrated together. Continuous synchronization can be enabled to reduce the cutover times. Migration groups can be rebooted at the group level to start simultaneously, or can be orchestrated to boot in a specific order if required.

The Cristie Software development team are continually improving migration capabilities between a wide range of operating environments. Customers can benefit from these enhancements with each new release of the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) software.

Customer Profile: Global integrator of communications products and services for multinational corporations

A global integrator of communications products and services for multinational corporations operating in over 220 countries and territories, with 21,000 employees in 166 countries. In addition, the organization supports 12 research and development and innovation centers across four continents with over 7,000 registered patents. It has previously been ranked the 19th most innovative company worldwide.

Cristie Software Benefits

  • Migrate between a wide range of platforms in any direction

    Support for all major Cloud and Virtual compute platforms such as Amazon Web Services S3, Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure & migration direct to VMware Datastores.

  • Provide System Migration as-a-Service for your customers

    Multi-tenant support provides the ability to offer migration as-a-service to make cloud onboarding as seamless as possible for your customers.

Elevate Your Migration Strategy with Cristie

Directly migrate to a wide variety of virtual and cloud-based platforms. Provide seamless cloud onboarding with simple licensing that includes 12 months free support & maintenance. Contact us to obtain the latest list of supported migration platforms!

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