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System Recovery

Recover your operating system and applications to a new machine quickly and automatically. The new machine can be a physical, virtual or cloud machine and will be functionally identical to the original machine at a point in time. The recovery is made from a normal backup made in Spectrum Protect, Networker, Avamar or Cohesity or from Cristie’s CBMR backup software.

Machine Mobility

Migrate a running machine to a different environment. The running machine can be a physical, virtual or cloud machine and the migrated machine can be P, V or C also. A consistent snapshot is taken of the source machine and the target machine will be synced to the source prior to cutover.


Replicate a running machine to a different environment and then performs regular syncs. The sync deltas are block based so require little bandwidth and can be performed frequently. Recovery machines are dormant until activated so do not consume compute resources.


Orchestrate the recovery of multiple servers or an entire data-center ensuring that servers in discrete application groups are brought back together and able to communicate in the new network environment. The entire process can be scheduled with detailed outcome and performance reports sent by email.

Integrated With

Dell EMC Avamar

Dell EMC Avamar provides fast, efficient data backup through a complete software and hardware solution. Avamar facilitates fast, daily full backups for virtual environments, remote offices, enterprise applications, NAS servers and desktops/laptops.

Dell EMC NetWorker

Dell EMC NetWorker delivers centralized backup operations for complete control of data protection across diverse computing and storage environments.

IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect is a data protection platform that gives enterprises a single point of control and administration for backup and recovery. It enables backups for virtual, physical and cloud environments of all sizes.


Cohesity DataProtect delivers comprehensive data protection with policy-based management for all workloads, anywhere—virtual and physical, databases, NAS, cloud environments, and business-critical applications.

Workload Recovery and Application Failover for Enterprise

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Workload Recovery and Application Failover for Enterprise

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