Automated System Recovery and Replication

Ensuring rapid and automated recovery of vital systems. 

Our Recovery (BMR) software integrates with industry leading backup providers such as IBM, EMC, Cohesity & Rubrik to recover machines directly from their backups. Machines can be restored to dissimilar hardware and also to virtual and cloud environments.

Our Replication software (CloneManager®) replicates running systems into physical, virtual and cloud targets in any direction. Automated failover of failed systems provides near continuous system availability. We also provide offline replication to disk images in the cloud or VMware which can be mounted when required.
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Easy system recovery & replication between dissimilar platforms

Recovering or replicating systems to dissimilar hardware can take hours of resources due to device driver changes. With our dissimilar hardware technology, any newly required drivers are inserted automatically before the physical, virtual or cloud target system is brought online.

Centralized management through the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA)

The Cristie VA provides a single consolidated DR orchestration environment where you can manage both replication between multi-cloud, virtual and physical targets, as well as any of our Recovery solutions utilizing native backups from leading vendors such as DellEMC, IBM and Cohesity.

Speak to the Cristie Software team today to discuss the right recovery or replication solution to meet your objectives. 

Reduce support costs

Break free from legacy system support costs with seamless replication to a modern virtual or cloud infrastructure.

Simplify application testing

Test your new and legacy OS based applications in an isolated environment. 

Improve cybersecurity

Mitigate security risks from unsupported legacy operating systems with Cristie’s recovery and replication solutions.

Customer Testimonials

The Cristie Software Blog

Cristie Software Completes Acquisition of Storix, Inc.

Cristie Software a leading system recovery, replication, and migration solutions provider, today announced the completion of the acquisition of Storix, Inc. for an undisclosed sum. Storix is a provider of backup and recovery software for Linux, AIX and Solaris based virtual and physical systems through its product SBAdmin (System Backup Administrator). SBAdmin was released in 2004 as the first flexible full-system backup and bare-metal recovery solution for Red Hat, Ubuntu, and SUSE Linux on x86 hardware and later for SUSE Linux running on IBM’s Power Systems (Little Endian). Storix provides system and data protection to over 200 customers, mostly in the United States.

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Applying AI and Machine Learning to improve system recoveries and replications

With the constant rise in cybercrime, having the ability to recover systems, or failover to a clean replica, is vital to minimise the impact of downtime and hopefully mitigate the need to pay any ransom demands. Although modern disaster recovery software tools can automate recovery and replication processes there are still many scenarios that will cause a recovery or replication to fail.

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BMR Suite 9.1 – AIX

Today we are pleased to be releasing  a new version of our BMR Suite 9.1 for AIX to production. The suite consists of ABMR, CBMR, NBMR and TBMR.

Each product is immediately available as a separate download from the Cristie Licensing portal download area.

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Cristie VA 4.6.1 What’s New

Here’s an update on what’s new for the Cristie Virtual Appliance. The 4.6.1 release includes lots of new functionality and bug fixes which bring with it a wealth of benefits.

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