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Protecting & recovering your infrastructure.

Our Recovery (BMR) software integrates with industry leading backup providers such as IBM, Dell EMC, Cohesity & Rubrik to recover machines directly from their backups. Machines can be restored to dissimilar hardware and also to virtual and cloud environments.

Our Replication software (CloneManager®) replicates running machines to and from physical, virtual and cloud targets in any direction. Automated failover of failed systems provides near continuous system availability. We also provide offline replication to disk images in the cloud or VMware which can be mounted when required.

Why Cristie Software?

Cristie Software® Overview Video

Enterprise scale automated system recovery

Our versatile recovery solutions offers a one-button recovery feature that can cater to a single server, a group of application servers, or your entire server estate. You can recover data from a native backup or a synchronized Cristie replica, ensuring your business experiences minimal disruption. Our solutions are designed for scalability, capable of accommodating tens of thousands of physical machines.

Proven technology from a trusted supplier

With 15 years of experience, we’ve earned the trust of many leading companies; in fact, a third of all Fortune 500 companies rely on our software. Our global reach extends to over 2,000 customers across 50 countries. We take pride in protecting more than 100,000 machines worldwide.

End-to-end Recovery Testing

Our advanced solutions enable you to test your entire recovery process within the safe confines of an isolated network. By setting regular automated recovery test schedules, you can ensure your recovery process will work when you need it most. This verification can provide reassurance to both industry regulators and senior management that your disaster recovery (DR) processes are robust.

Data Backup is only valuable if you have full System Recovery

Backup solutions protect your data, but their value is only realized once systems are up and running. System recovery is therefore an essential addition to any DR plan to ensure systems and applications are recovered in the correct order. Furthermore, recovering to dissimilar environments often necessitates the time-consuming manual installation of new drivers. Our automated processes handle these complexities, ensuring a seamless and efficient system recovery experience.

Easy system recovery & replication
between dissimilar platform​

Recovering or replicating systems to dissimilar hardware can take hours of resources due to device driver changes. With our dissimilar hardware technology, any newly required drivers are inserted automatically before the physical, virtual or cloud target system is brought online.

Centralized management through
the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA)

The Cristie VA provides a single consolidated DR orchestration environment where you can manage both replication between multi-cloud, virtual and physical targets, as well as any of our Recovery solutions utilizing native backups from leading vendors such as Dell EMC, IBM, Cohesity & Rubrik.

We are trusted by a third of Fortune 500 Companies

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Cristie Virtual Appliance

Back Up

Perform incremental backups of any
Physical, Virtual or Cloud source


Automatically and rapidly recover OS,
applications & data


Set large scale simulations across
multiple systems to ensure a robust
response is possible


Migrate and replicate entire systems between
Physical, Virtual or Cloud
environments seamlessly


  • 1 CPU core & 4GB of memory,
  • Boot directly from ISO files found within the VA, or via an NFS Datastore
cristie software laptop-15

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