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It always makes me happy to talk to your CBMR support team. The team has so much energy and it’s a pleasure dealing with them. A big thank you for your great support!

As a project manager supporting a large US government web farm, it is essential to have a reliable and speedy full server recovery capability that supports multiple OS platforms. Cristie Recover, with its integration to the Spectrum Protect solution, delivers that capability.

TBMR is a mature offering that is natively integrated for TSM and offers rich comprehensive capabilities from perhaps the best IBM partner around, Cristie Software. These people are top notch and so is their TBMR offering.

Cristie’s TBMR for Windows and Linux are excellent products, apart from recovery of TSM Clients as standard, they can also be used for the recovery of the TSM server itself on the above operating systems especially those which have multiple TSM servers on different sites.

I am a firm believer in your TBMR product and proud to tell our customers about it. I recommend it as the best available BMR solution for TSM.

Support is very cooperative and give a timely response to any technical issue raised with them.

Thanks for your extremely short response time, you are absolutely market leader on customer response! Makes my IT life easy.

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