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Orchestrated and automated system recovery

Customization & flexibility for system recovery scenarios requiring pre- and post- boot customization.

Customer Challenge:​

IT systems are invariably complex, typically consisting of multiple operating systems (OS), varied operating platforms including physical, virtual and cloud, plus a wide array of interdependent applications. IT system recovery is none the less complex with multiple system images needing to be restored in the correct sequence to their corresponding platforms to ensure system dependencies are catered for. Having multiple recovery tools for different OS and platform types adds complexity and time-consuming overhead to any disaster recovery process. The organization determined that a system recovery solution providing automation and orchestration to facilitate the recovery of multiple OS and platform types within a tiered application architecture would offer the only way to perform disaster recovery meeting internal and external RTO/RPO targets.

Cristie Solution:​

Cristie Recovery software provided a single solution to automate and orchestrate the recovery of both Windows and Linux based platforms with seamless integration into the existing Dell Networker backup environment; eliminating 100s of hours in system recovery administration overhead. Cristie Software provides many orchestration capabilities that are lacking for physical systems but are commonplace within virtual and cloud environments. In the event of a disaster recovery scenario, the automatic recovery of core infrastructure services such as active directory, domain controllers, web servers and network configuration can be restored in sequence through the flexible recovery orchestration features of the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) software. Critical customer-facing services with specific application dependencies can then be orchestrated for recovery with pre- and post- boot operations automated through staged ‘orchestration jobs’ within the VA software. Cristie recovery orchestration features also allow customization for the requirements of multiple operating systems and network configuration options to accommodate isolated air-gapped internal networks.

Customer Profile: Charity organization

A long-established non-profit organization within the APAC region providing horse racing, sporting, and betting entertainment. The charity provides dining, social, sport and recreation facilities to over 23,000 members. With multiple racing venues, over 100 regional outlets, and upwards of 24,000 staff, the charity IT infrastructure supports many functions and customer touchpoints.

Cristie Software Benefits

  • Automatically Restore Systems in the correct Hierarchical Order.

    Cristie recovery orchestration provides mechanisms to support system recovery hierarchy necessary to accommodate system interdependencies.

  • Orchestrate Pre/Post Boot Tasks and Manual Interventions.

    Recovery orchestration allows for pre and post boot configuration tasks to take place as well as manual interventions.

  • Orchestrate Recoveries within the Cristie VA or using Cristie SDK APIs.

    Orchestrations can be configured within the Cristie VA or integrated within with your internal automation tool chain via the Cristie SDK APIs.

  • Use the Swagger API Platform to Generate API Calls in your Language of Choice.

    All API documentation is available within the Swagger API Platform based on the OpenAPI specification which can be used to generate an SDK client in the programming language of your choice.

  • Incorporate Cristie Recovery Easily within your IPMI Environment.

    The Cristie recovery boot environment can easily be incorporated with common Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) implementations.

  • Manage Out-of-Band Systems with DMTF Redfish® Standard Libraries.

    For Out-of-Band (OOB) systems management we offer DMTF Redfish® client standard libraries to manage physical systems with the same level of automation available for virtual machines. This eliminates the need for manual intervention when recovering or provisioning physical systems at scale.

System Recovery & Replication Solutions

Protecting & Recovering your Infrastructure in every situation.

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