5 Things You Need To Know About CloneManager

CloneManager is software that protects your business from system disruption or failure. Here are 5 things you need to know about our replication software, CloneManager.

CloneManager is software that protects your business from system disruption or failure.   

CloneManager creates identical copies of critical systems that can be booted instantly in the event of a disaster, system failure or corruption. Your live system is replicated to any supported physical, virtual or cloud environment.  

Here are five key facts about CloneManager. 

1. CloneManager Gives You Reassurance

There are no second chances when you are working with critical systems and workloads. You need total resilience to system disruption. 

CloneManager provides real-time replication of live systems and gives fully automated scheduled periodic syncs between the source and target system. Your vital systems can be up and running again in minutes, plus you’ve got flexibility and control over where you move and run your servers. 

2.  CloneManager Helps You Achieve Compliance  

When systems fail, you need to act quickly.  

With fast performance and point-in-time snapshots, CloneManager restores your systems, helping you meet time/ data restore objectives, minimising impact on your production systems and meeting your regulatory compliance.  

3.  CloneManager replicates to Physical, Cloud or Virtual Environments

With our unique dissimilar environment technology, you can replicate to many physical, cloud or virtual environments. Transfer the bulk of your data in the first replication followed by frequent fast ‘syncs’ to keep your target up-to-date without performing another full replication. 

We take the stress out of system replication and we’re platform agnostic. We can move it, whatever the platform.  

4. CloneManager is managed and controlled through a simple intuitive console

With CloneManager, you can manage the protection of multiple systems, environments and operating systems from a single simple, intuitive interface which is provided as a Virtual Appliance (VA) or Container. 

The VA manages all our backup and recovery products. It provides centralised management of all our machine replication and disaster recovery software, helping scale the deployment and management of large implementations.  

Dashboards provide an overview of replication and migration processes and you can manage your deployment, configuration and licensing either on site, or remotely.  

5. CloneManager is loved by our customers

A senior systems administrator from the leading parts provider for the automotive industry says,  

“We looked for years for something like CloneManager. Something that would help us automate the process of having a standby server ready to be booted up in the event of a failure.  

CloneManager is the best product we have found for server disaster recovery, by keeping the DR side up-to-date with the production servers.” 

If you’d like to try CloneManager for yourself, book a free trial here and sign up here for company updates and news.  

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