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Cristie Looks Towards 2021

We’ll look back on 2020 as a time when we’ve made progress on product development, product improvement and R&D. Here’s what we’ve got planned for 2021.

2020 has been a challenging year, but we’re ending it feeling positive – and looking forward to an exciting 2021.  

We’ll look back on 2020 as a time when we’ve made progress on product development, product improvement and R&D.  

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve got planned for 2021.  

CloneManager Gets Faster 

CloneManager is our replication software that creates identical copies of critical systems that can be instantly used in the event of a disaster. 

We’ve been doing intense R&D work on CloneManager this year, and 2021 is the year we’ll see the results.  

Our goal is to help customers who need to lower their RTOs and RPOs (Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective). And this year we’ve been trialling a new way of making this happen. 

Using block-based rather than file-based replication will give us a product that gets systems back up and running in under a minute – perhaps even a few seconds. This meets the needs of our customers who need a hot standby high availability product.  

CloneManager failover and failback 

In 2021, CloneManager will include failover and failback, providing automated recoveries when a system outage is detected.  

This means that during replication you can failover into a machine to take source production offline and continue working, then when you’ve finished work you can fail back. Meaning less disruption and risk during the replication process.  

We offer this functionality on cloud, virtual and physical machines.  

New Release! CloneManager Lite 

We work with a third of Fortune 500 companies, but we realise that system security is critical, no matter the size of the business.  

If you’re looking for powerful replication software but for a smaller scale project, then you’ll want to try CloneManager Lite.  

Designed to be quick and straightforward to set up and low on support requirements, CloneManager Lite has all the functionality of CloneManager, and is perfect for one or two replications.  

Currently in testing, CloneManager Lite releases early in 2021.  

Continuing Functionality Enhancements for our Virtual Appliance (VA) 

2020 was the year that we pushed out our first release of V.3 of our VA, with a new user interface and features. We like to think that this year was the year that the VA came of age.    

The VA is a key part of our product portfolio. It enables centralised management for all the types of machine migration and disaster recovery software that we offer. Using our VA enables our customers to deploy software from a central location easily and quickly – making the process simpler and saving time and hassle.  

The VA is a key part of our product offering, and in 2021, we’ll continue to improve the features and functionality of the VA for replication and machine mobility.  

Improvements to the Testing Process 

At Cristie, our culture is one of always challenging ourselves, thinking about our customers’ problems in different ways and consistently moving forward.  

As part of this, we’re looking at the ways in which we test our software, making the development process even more efficient.  

In 2021, our testing process is going to be moving to an automated rather than manual one, allowing us to deliver our products to market even quicker.  

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