The Cristie Year In Review


2020. How was it for you?

This last year has been like nothing we’ve ever experienced.

But after the initial disruption in March of moving from office based to remote working, we’ve had a productive and successful year.

As we move into December and with year end in sight, we’re looking back over 2020 and what we’ve achieved as a company.

Here’s some of our 2020 highlights:

Enhanced Testing – a new feature in CloneManager.

CloneManager is our replication software that creates exact replicas of running machines which can be booted into a new environment for machine migration or failover. This year we added enhanced testing as a new feature.

What does this mean for users?

When you’re doing the replication from one system to another, enhanced testing allows you to boot up a third replica system in an isolated environment to check that the process is working well, without interrupting the replication process.

We believe that we’re the only software company offering this functionality – not only on cloud and virtual environments but also and uniquely, on physical machines.

Part of our culture is that we work very closely with our customers. When a customer requests a product enhancement, we’re open, and we listen.

The request for enhanced testing came from one of our largest customers who needed to be able to prove that their replicated systems were fully functional but were not prepared to allow the replication process to be taken offline.

It’s helped them, and we believe it will help other customers too.

V.3 of our Virtual Appliance (VA)

2020 saw the release of V.3 of our VA, which was a major step forward with a new user interface and many updates to the features and functionality.

The VA is a virtual appliance that we’ve developed to manage all our products. It enables centralised management for all the types of machine replication, migration and disaster recovery software that we offer.

The VA helps our customers to scale our products into large implementations. You can deploy software from a central location easily and quickly – making the process simpler and saving time.

Disaster Recovery Orchestration

Disaster recovery orchestration is a new feature that we’ve brought into the VA this year, helping customers to actively plan for their worst-case scenario.

It provides a straightforward process to orchestrate the recovery of a group of machines or even an entire data centre in the correct order. This recovery process can be designed and tested prior to any disaster – rather than dealing with the situation after the fact.

Changing Ways of Working

This year has been one that’s totally changed how we work as a team. From being almost 100% office based, we’re now fully remote.

And while we miss being able to brain-storm ideas on the whiteboard in the office, we’ve found that working remotely has been a positive experience for all of us – both professionally and personally.

So that’s some of the highlights from our year. Despite all the challenges, overall we’ve had a good 2020. So here’s to an even better 2021.

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