Today we are pleased to be releasing  a new bug fix version of Linux 8.6.2 BMR Intel and PPC Suite (Intel and PPC – big/little-endian) to production. The suite consists of ABMR (Intel only, not PPC), CBMR, NBMR and TBMR.

Each BMR 8.6.2 product is now available for immediate download from the Cristie FTP site.

These are the main changes compared with the previous BMR releases:

Common to all BMR products

  • Cristie support for Centos Linux 5.x has been withdrawn. Note that RedHat Linux 5.x continues to be supported.
  • Documentation updated for this release.

Common Bug Fixes for all BMR products

  • ACLs were not set correctly when recovering a system which included disks formatted with the ReiserFS file system . This is now fixed.
  • Recovery failed when more than 64 kernel modules were loaded in the DR environment. This is now fixed.
  • There was a problem with disk rescaling for large disks during recovery. This is now fixed


  • A Sles15 DR failed when recovered to a KVM hypervisor and using a VirtIO disk. This is now fixed.
  • A RedHat 5 system boots after DR with a custom ISO, but shows multiple errors after root login. This is now fixed.


  • NBMR fails to install on Ubuntu 14 because of a failure to detect an installed NetWorker client. This has now been fixed.

Known Issues

Note 1: Users of the VA with other versions of BMR will not be shown the option to upgrade to BMR 8.6.2. Those users must upgrade their BMR installations outside of the VA. However, note that doing so may result in the VA incorrectly reporting the BMR version being used. This is a known issue and will be rectified in a future release of the VA.

The Cristie VA release 2.7 does support fresh installs of BMR 8.6.2.

Note 2: NBMR recoveries on Linux PPC don’t work when done through the Cristie VA. The recoveries do work when the BMR is running in standalone mode outside of the VA.