Cristie TBMR software protects your critical servers from the consequences of failure or disaster, by recovering them directly from your IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) backup.     

TBMR combined with TSM recovers all your protected servers, including operating systems, applications, user configuration and data, to any point in time provided by TSM backup software. TBMR can recover to any available environment, be that physical, virtual or cloud.   

TBMR can be managed through the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA), enabling centralised management for all the machine replication, migration and disaster recovery software that we offer.    

Read here how TBMR helped US Healthcare company, Albert Einstein improve their recoveries.   

About Albert Einstein Healthcare  

Albert Einstein Healthcare is based over five campuses in Philadelphia USA and employs around 10,000 people.    

The facilities have more than 600,000 inpatient and outpatients visits each year. These patients are cared for by about 9,000 dedicated Einstein Healthcare Network employees.  

It is one of the largest healthcare networks in the greater Philadelphia area.   

Use Case and Challenge  

Albert Einstein approached Cristie initially because they were unable to perform Bare Metal Recovery on their dissimilar hardware.   

 To quote from our customer,   

‘When we approached Cristie, we had some big systems that we couldn’t see being virtualised. What made things harder was the fact that each year a new model with firmware and hardware would be launched onto the market. We were really struggling to find exact hardware in order to perform our BMR.’   

How Cristie software helped Albert Einstein Healthcare achieve their recovery goals  

As soon as Albert Einstein completed the POC, they started using TBMR with their systems. Since then they have had absolutely no issues in recovering any of their servers. This has given them peace of mind, knowing that their systems are protected; crucial when working in a healthcare setting.   

What’s more, they have been able to restore both physical and virtual servers. They can work across dissimilar hardware environments in both their data centre and their DR site (Sungard).   

Our customer says;  

‘Sungard gives us our dissimilar hardware; HP, DELL or IBM. And now that I’m using TBMR, I can restore any server without any problem. 

Now we have a restore success rate of over 99.8%. To compare; before using TBMR it was about a 20 – 25% restore rate to different hardware. We can now do a DR simulation of physical hardware to virtual without any issue at all.   

My experience of working with Cristie is fantastic as I no longer have to worry about mounting CD/DVD to virtual. I can  automate the whole recovery, including the virtual machine creation from the Cristie VA. It can be Windows or Linux. It’s all working perfectly.’  

About the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA)    

Our customer has benefitted from using the Cristie VA to manage their recoveries remotely and to scale.   

‘The Crisitie VA helps to simulate any server at any time. I don’t have to launch the software, I simply log on to the remote management and start performing restore simulations.   

What’s more, the process is much easier than it was before. Not only has it saved us lots of time, it’s enabled me to train other people in my group to perform restore simulation. Overall, it’s been a fantastic experience.’   

About Cristie Support   

At Cristie, we pride ourselves on our responsive support. We know our customers are often working in stressful situations, so we’ll always be there to work alongside them to sort out any problems. Our customer at Albert Einstein Healthcare says,  

‘Cristie support has been great. I’ve never seen support like it! When we had a problem, they managed to resolve it quickly. Plus, they were very responsive and supportive the whole way through.   

From a personal point of view, they were always pleasant and ready to help no matter what the issue was. They really thrived on helping us sort out our challenges.’  

 And finally… 

Albert Einstein Healthcare have now been users of Cristie TBMR software for over ten years, growing the use in 2019 to over 700 systems. They use our software for DR along with migration projects, as needed. 

And right now, we’re working together on growing the use of the Cristie VA for DR simulation, automated recovery testing and management recovery.   


Over to our customer again.  

‘I’m sometimes called during the night to sort out a hardware failure on one of our physical servers. Since using TBMR I’m happy to say that I’ve always been able to recover the server at night on different hardware without any problem at all.   

We definitely made the right choice to protect our systems with TBMR software. It’s been a great investment for us. We have peace of mind that we don’t have to worry about DR problems anymore. We can recover our servers any time.’  

Albert Einstein Healthcare’s priorities might change. What stays the same is our commitment to supporting their goals with quality software, service and support.  

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