An Introduction to CoBMR

Meet CoBMR, our new product that provides DR level protection for systems backed up by Cohesity DataProtect.

About CoBMR

CoBMR is our new product to provide DR level protection for systems backed up by Cohesity DataProtect. It protects your critical servers from the consequences of failure or disaster, by recovering them directly from your Cohesity backups.    

CoBMR for Windows supports DR level restores from both your file based backups and your image based backups.

We understand that different backup strategies are important to protecting an entire estate, so we’ve got you covered no matter what your backup strategy is.

How does it work? 

CoBMR consists of a very small agent installed on the backup machine and an ISO that boots on the machine that you want to recover. This allows you to restore your Cohesity DataProtect backups onto any cloud, virtual or physical target. 

Once the product is installed, all that’s needed is a quick incremental backup to enable Cristie based recovery for your system. We currently support installation onto Windows and Linux systems.

The Disaster Recovery Process

Adding CoBMR to your Cohesity environment simplifies and enhances your disaster recovery process. 

Operating systems, applications, user configuration and data are recovered in one step, to any point in time available in Cohesity backup software. What’s more, CoBMR can recover to any available environment; physical, virtual or cloud.   

Using Automation

You can simplify the recovery process further with automation, and schedule fully auditable recovery tests into physical, virtual and cloud environments.  By doing this, you’ll ensure that all of your environment is functional in the event of a disaster, without having to rely on manual intervention from system administrators.    

The Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA)

CoBMR can be managed through the Cristie VA, enabling centralised management for all the machine replication, migration and disaster recovery software that we offer.  The VA provides DR Orchestration and Recovery Simulation capabilities, so you’ve got a good grasp on your disaster readiness level.

About Cristie

Cristie brings over 20 years of experience in producing BMR and DR software into your modern backup strategy. We have extensive experience of supporting a wide variety of operating systems and environments ranging from small SMBs/SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. 

CoBMR is available in the Cohesity price book, so if you’re interested in adding DR protection from Cristie to your Cristie DataProtect please speak to your local Cohesity representative, or contact Cristie directly by going to

You can also book a free trial of CoBMR here.