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Cristie VA 4.2 What’s New

Here’s an update on what’s new for the Cristie Virtual Appliance. The 4.1 release includes lots of new functionality and bug fixes which bring with it a wealth of benefits.

We are pleased to announce a new major update for the Cristie Virtual Appliance. The 4.2 release includes lots of new functionality and bug fixes which bring with it a wealth of benefits.

Headline Enhancements

  • Multi-Tenancy – It is now possible to create multiple tenants per Virtual Appliance. Tenants are totally isolated and can not interact with, or view data from another tenancy.
  • Enhanced Log Analysis – We have improved the capabilities of Log Analysis whilst simplifying the process for the users. Thanks to everybody who provided feedback on the initial log analysis integration.
  • Contextual help review – The on screen help throughout the GUI as well as the forum has been reviewed & updated.
  • CloneManager Online replications of systems with an X: drive are now handled.
  • Other minor enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Linux clones to Oracle Cloud would not boot if root/boot volumes were spread over multiple non-sequential disks.
  • Clones to Oracle Cloud would sometimes attach disks in the wrong order.
  • Virtual adapters were sometimes not created correctly in Oracle Cloud.
  • Clones/recoveries to Oracle Cloud would fail with dissimilar hardware errors.
  • Upgrades from 8.7 -> 9.x would sometimes fail.
  • VA would not report credential errors for TBMR recoveries correctly.
  • VA would sometimes fail to detect a CloneManager Offline job has completed.
  • OVA deployment would warn about an invalid certificate.
  • Some CloneManager Online replications would fail with “A clonesync has been requested but no datafile available” errors.
  • Failed license operations would sometimes still consume a license.
  • User management display would hang or crash if you imported 5000+ users.
  • Modifying a job from daily to monthly would sometimes not save the new schedule options.
  • Other minor bug fixes

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