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Sybyl accelerates system migration for leading telecommunications provider

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Simplify the migration of multiple systems from platforms such as Red Hat Openstack to VMware vSphere with automated provisioning.

Greatly reduce migration complexity with features including bulk machine discovery, automated provisioning and multi-tenancy.

Support for Red Hat Linux systems extending back to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Block level transfers provide the fastest migration time to minimize service disruptions.

Easy proof of concept testing (POC) with free trial migration software licence support.

Expert technical support and advice from Cristie will ensure your projects run smoothly.

Customer Profile:

Sybyl is an enterprise IT and ICT technology provider with over 30 years experience providing strategic implementation and operational solutions for enterprise clients within the Eastern & Central African regions.


A system migration project for a leading telecommunications provider involved the transition of approximately 300 machines running various versions of Red Hat Linux within an Openstack environment to a new VMware vSphere infrastructure. The systems subject to migration supported many critical functions, so downtime during transition was required to be kept at a minimum. In addition, a proof of concept migration simulation was requested by the customer to validate the system replication process.


Cristie Software worked closely with Sybyl’s integration team to provide evaluation licenses of Cristie CloneManager replication and migration software, plus technical support to ensure the migration project proof of concept and live migration ran without issues. Legacy system support provided by Cristie CloneManager and the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) catered for Red Hat Linux version variations ensuring that all systems could be migrated with the same levels of automation such as provisioning and dissimilar platform migration support.


Using Cristie CloneManager and the Cristie Virtual Appliance, migration groups were created so that application groups could be managed and migrated together. Block level migration ensured that system replication times kept downtime to a minimum for the customer’s critical services. This project demonstrated the performance and versatility of the Cristie CloneManager and Cristie VA solution of any future system migration tasks presented to Sybyl between physical, virtual or cloud platforms.

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