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BMR Suite 9.6.1

Today we are pleased to be releasing  a new version of our BMR Suite 9.6.1 for Windows & Linux (Intel) to production. The suite consists of ABMR, CBMR, CoBMR, NBMR, RBMR and TBMR.

Each product is immediately available as a separate download from the Cristie Licensing portal download area.

Common to all BMR products

  • Added Broadcom NetXtreme-E drivers to recovery ISOs (Windows)
  • Cristie VA service would sometimes fail to start during install (Windows)
  • Incorrect partition sizes being created because of the presence of a Microsoft Shadow Copy Partition (Windows)
  • You can now build WinPE11 recovery ISOs. These should be used in place of WinPE 10 ISOs (Windows)
  • Recoveries now inform you when the system state is being recovered (Windows)
  • Recovery environment now uses HTTPS instead of HTTP (Linux)
  • Recovery environment is now built on Rocky Linux 9 (Linux)
  • BMRCFG would fail when dattobd snapshots existed (Linux)
  • Only locally attached disks are now recovered by default (Linux)
  • Recovery log is now shown when booting the ISO in text mode (Linux)
  • You now have the option to rename “Cristie-recovered-system” boot entry to original post recovery (Linux)
  • UI enhancements to recovery ISO (Linux)
  • DHCP is enabled on all NICs in recovery environment by default (Linux)
  • Other minor bug fixes & enhancements


  • No ABMR specific enhancements in this release


  • Restores would sometimes fail to verify compressed backups
  • Removed TSM API dependency for CBMR (Linux)


  • Recovery would sometimes fail when a target disk is ignored and the disk mapping fails to map the Windows disk (Windows)
  • File-based restores would sometimes fail with authentication error
  • Enhanced errors for Cohesity tenant restores if a system was registered to more than one tenant.


  • No NBMR specific enhancements in this release


  • Rubrik CDM service accounts are now supported
  • Rubrik 9 is now supported
  • Rubrik Security Cloud is now supported
  • RBMR recoveries now unregister the recovery environment at the end of a recovery (Linux)


  • Spectrum Protect 8.1.21 is now supported

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