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What is the major hole in 80% of DR plans?

Cloud computing dominates the enterprise computing landscape and is set to continue this protectory. A recent report from HashiCorp indicated that 90% of large enterprises had adopted a multi-cloud infrastructure. However, this focus on virtualization is side-tracking many disaster recovery (DR) plans when it comes to system recovery. Cristie Software offer a comprehensive solution to a major gap that our technology partners see in the 80% of their customer’s DR plans.

Is virtualization causing a distraction in your system recovery planning?

The surge in embracing cloud computing serves as a key factor driving the growth of the virtual machine market. Although containers are taking over certain roles traditionally held by virtual machines, such as operating lightweight apps or microservices, virtual machines remain essential for executing resource-intensive tasks or legacy applications that require a full operating system environment. According to research firm Global Market Insights, virtual machine market size exceeded USD 9.5 billion in 2023 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of around 12% between 2024 and 2023. It perhaps comes as no surprise that many modern backup solutions are only focused on the protection of virtual machines. Unfortunately, regardless of whether you are deploying virtual machines or containers, these technologies both depend on underlying physical machines which need an efficient recovery solution in the event of a disaster.

Physical machine recovery at scale remains a major challenge to enterprise infrastructure recovery.

Virtual machines are a pleasure to work with when it comes to recovery and replication. They can be replicated at scale to an alternative cloud environment with relative ease from the comfort of your desktop. In contrast, physical machines offer far less automation when it comes to recovery and in many cases will require manual intervention to ensure systems are back online quickly. If physical-to-physical (P2P) machine recovery is required, this can present device driver conflicts unless the source and target machines are built from identical hardware. Physical machines will require a boot image to be made available either from directly attached storage or through a network share. Any form of manual intervention takes time which may be acceptable for a single system, but for many enterprise or data center situations a physical server estate may number into the hundreds or more. Physical system recovery can therefore be the major culprit in prolonging downtime following any form of system outage.

Accelerate physical machine recovery at scale with Cristie Software system recovery software.

Cristie Software has placed a lot of focus on the automation of physical machine recovery helping many organizations vastly improve their recovery workflow by eliminating the need for manual intervention. Our software integrates with common Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) hardware management solutions such as such as iDRAC (Dell) and iLO (HP). For Out-of-Band (OOB) systems management we offer DMTF Redfish® client standard libraries to manage physical systems with the same level of automation available for virtual machines. Cristie recovery software works directly with backup solutions from Rubrik, Cohesity, Dell and IBM to provide a seamless system recovery extension requiring no additional backup management overhead. The Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) provides a single interface to manage both physical, virtual and cloud based sever recovery and replication. System replication and recovery can be configurated to take place in any direction between physical, virtual and cloud targets with dissimilar hardware scenarios such as device driver discrepancies taken care of automatically.

In Summary

If you have embraced the advantages of cloud computing and the benefits of virtual machines and containerization, please take the time to consider your recovery process if physical machines within your infrastructure were compromised by a cyber attack or another form of outage. The challenges of physical system recovery at scale can result in prolonged downtime which in turn has financial impacts and potential for damage to customer relationships and brand reputation. Contact the Cristie Software team to learn more about our physical system recovery features and how we are helping organizations solve the challenge of physical system recovery at scale.

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