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BMR Suite 9.4.2

Today we are pleased to be releasing  a new version of our BMR Suite 9.4.2 for Windows & Linux (Intel & PPC) to production. The suite consists of ABMR, CBMR, CoBMR, NBMR, RBMR and TBMR.

Each product is immediately available as a separate download from the Cristie Licensing portal download area.

Common to all BMR products

  • Reiserfs has been removed from the recovery environment.(Linux)
  • ISO’s have been upgrades to 7.9 base (PPC)
  • Cisco VNIC adapters were assigned all numeric names in WinPE. This would break PeNetCfg (Windows)
  • In some instances, PPC restores would fail with modprobe errors. (PPC)
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added support for Avamar 19.7


  • Automatically excludes DropBox & OneDrive virtual folders from backups. (Windows)
  • Enhanced CBMR restores from an SMB backup location to allow SMB options. (PPC)


  • Recoveries would sometimes fail when converting uEFI -> BIOS when the original GPT disk had more than 4 partitions. (Windows)
  • CoBMR restores would sometimes fail with “No matching protection source”. (Linux)


  • Added support for NetWorker 19.7 (Windows & Linux)


  • RBMR recovery wizard would sometimes show snapshots not belonging to the selected host. (Windows)
  • RBMR ISO will now pull the correct Rubrik CDM from the server prior to starting recovery operations. (Windows & Linux)
  • RBMR recovery would sometimes fail if an SMB domain was not specified. (Windows)
  • RBMR recovery would sometimes fail with “An internal programming error occurred”. (Windows)
  • Restoring an RBMR config would not clean-up source registration on the server. (Linux)


  • Added support for Spectrum Protect 8.1.15

Note: These BMR products are compatible with the Cristie VA 4.4 release and you will see an update now.

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