BMR for users of EMC's Networker


NBMR is a Bare Machine Recovery solution that has been exclusively designed for users of EMC Networker (formerly Legato) to maximise speed, flexibility and simplicity of use.



In the event of a server failure, NBMR will automatically recover the operating system (OS) and applications directly from the NetWorker backup so that no additional backup needs to be performed, and no additional storage or network bandwidth is required.

This means that unlike other BMR products, no separate backup application needs to be installed, managed and monitored.

Additional advantages:

  • The recovery can be to the original, to new dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine.
  • Retain all the features and advantages of Networker via the backup and restore.
  • A server operating system can be rebuilt in less than ten minutes.
  • NBMR allows you to easily achieve your recovery SLA’s because multiple servers can be recovered simultaneously meaning your whole data centre can be recovered in just a few hours!

NBMR is currently available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX operating systems and is recommended by its channel partner EMC who re-sell the software product globally.

Recovery Simulator

Recovery Simulator add-on for NBMR


Testing should be the most vital stage of your disaster recovery plan as it ensures your business is prepared for any type of disaster occurring. With Recovery Simulator, you can now test your NBMR solution will work in a time of crisis.

RS provides reliable, automated recovery simulation for Networker users and uses a centralised management console to simulate a full recovery to a new virtual machine from a selected Networker backup. These simulations are fully scalable over multiple servers and can be scheduled in advance on site or from a remote management machine.


Make sure your business has a reliable backup plan with Cristie BMR solutions for NetWorker Users