Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cristie Software provides unique BMR solutions for users of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Commvault SimpanaEMC NetWorker and Avamar backup software as well as a standalone BMR solution that can work with a range of other backup software solutions. Providing the ability to recover servers or other machines directly from ordinary TSM, Simpana, Avamar or NetWorker backups and therefore not requiring any additional backups to be installed, performed or managed. 

  • CBMR - Bare Machine Recovery for other backup solutions
  • TBMR - Bare Machine Recovery for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
  • NBMR - Bare Machine Recovery for NetWorker (formerly Legato NetWorker)
  • ABMR - Bare Machine Recovery for Avamar
  • SBMR - Bare Machine Recovery for Simpana
Machine Migration Solutions


CloneManagerâ„¢ provides users with a facility to monitor and manage their server infrastructure and to pro-actively clone machines to other resources: physical; virtual or cloud. This allows users to optimize resource allocation, migrate machines to different environments and provides disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. 

Backup Solutions

CBMR Backup - provides complete protection of data, as well as the ability to recover critical machines from scratch within minutes. It is a standalone backup solution for branch offices and SMEs which provides protection for local data, combined with fast automated machine recovery in the event of failure.