Cristie Bare Machine Recovery

Cristie Bare Machine Recovery


CBMR provides complete data protection, as well as the ability to recover critical servers from scratch within minutes and can be used as a standalone backup product which provides an ideal solution for server migration from physical and virtual environments.

It is the ultimate solution for protecting the IT infrastructure at branch offices and small data centres and is used by many leading banks and retailers.

Top Features:

  • Rapid and automated recoveries from a server failure within minutes
  • Multiple servers can be recovered simultaneously, meaning a whole data centre can be recovered within a few hours
  • Dissimilar hardware support
  • Recoveries can be to a physical or virtual machine
  • The ability to control your BMR and server migrations remotely (head office can control the recovery process without disrupting branch operations)
  • Easy-to-use interface means that no specialist IT skills are required by the end user

Additional advantages of this powerful BMR solution:

  • Automatic hardware and driver detection
  • Fully featured backup functionality (including the backup and recovery of individual files using disk or tape media, as well as protecting local data files and databases held on local servers)
  • Provides the ability to change host name and IP address on boot, meaning the configuration of the systems can be tailored to your needs
  • File by file backup; no need for a disk image
  • Backups can be encrypted and compressed, increasing the security of your data and saving you space on your network

CBMR is currently available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX operating systems.


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