We are excited to launch the Cristie Community Forum today, to engage more closely with our valued customers and partners.

The Forum can be accessed at forum.cristie.com. Here we will share with you some of the latest information about our products and product road map and encourage customers and partners to share questions and tips that will benefit others who work with Cristie solutions. You’ll be able to communicate directly with global experts running Cristie Software solutions in their varied environments.

We see this as a great opportunity to draw on the collective insight and experience of our customers and share valuable content with them. Not only will we communicate about the features of our new releases, but we will be inviting members to give us feedback. Our aim is to continue to provide advanced, leading solutions that are user-driven in design and functionality.

With such a global customer base, the Forum will help us to break down the barriers of location, time zones and technology and to communicate in a timely and efficient way. Members will be also be able to sign up for periodic email digests, which will be sent about topics to which they have subscribed.

If you have any questions about the Forum, or are not sure about your login, please contact sales@cristie.com.