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Cristie Software Completes Acquisition of Storix, Inc.

Cristie Software a leading system recovery, replication, and migration solutions provider, today announced the completion of the acquisition of Storix, Inc. for an undisclosed sum. Storix is a provider of backup and recovery software for Linux, AIX and Solaris based virtual and physical systems through its product SBAdmin (System Backup Administrator). SBAdmin was released in 2004 as the first flexible full-system backup and bare-metal recovery solution for Red Hat, Ubuntu, and SUSE Linux on x86 hardware and later for SUSE Linux running on IBM’s Power Systems (Little Endian). Storix provides system and data protection to over 200 customers, mostly in the United States.

Applying AI and Machine Learning to improve system recoveries and replications

With the constant rise in cybercrime, having the ability to recover systems, or failover to a clean replica, is vital to minimise the impact of downtime and hopefully mitigate the need to pay any ransom demands. Although modern disaster recovery software tools can automate recovery and replication processes there are still many scenarios that will cause a recovery or replication to fail.

Great Expectations

Using the expect tool for autonomous interaction with SysBack to produce an end-to-end test embedded into the continuous integration pipeline.

Testing Tape

You’ve got your production NAS running a full backup to tape every day/week/month as per your RPO requirements for archival, so your backup is covered. You’ve got a system to test the data integrity of the tape, so your data is covered. Now, how do test your recovery?

The Cristie Virtual Appliance 2.2 – what’s new

The Cristie VA is an easy to use central management console which provides a unified user experience for the entire range of our software. As part of our agile methodically, our software is continuously evolving allowing us to provide new versions more frequently.

The rise in cyber attacks, 2017 in review

cyber attack review 2017

As we head in to the final quarter, it provides a chance to reflect on what’s been happening during 2017. It comes as no surprise that news about cyber attacks and breaches have dominated globally. So, when one annual review from GCHQ’s NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) was released on the 3rd of October, it piqued our interest.

Finally a #WorldDay that makes sense

World Backup Day

There’s a day for everything it seems, isn’t there? At least there’s no reason to dress up for this one! I think World Backup Day is a really good idea, because even those of us who may think we have it all under control, we should use this prompt to question if we really do.

BMR and Healthcare

Healthcare Whitepaper BMR and Healthcare

In the USA, Healthcare is one of the largest private-sector industries, making up 13% of the total U.S Workforce. Understandably healthcare professionals have high cybersecurity concerns and with the ever evolving IoT, bare machine recovery (BMR) can play an important part in mitigating risks.

Protection not payment: How to avoid paying ransomware demands

Ransom note

Ransomware is a type of malware that can be covertly installed on a computer, without the knowledge, or even interaction, of the user. Once held to ransom, a company has three options: restore, the data to a previous point in time, lose the infected data, or pay up. As with all areas of disaster recovery and business continuity, preparation and testing are the key forms of defense.

Holiday Season Checklist for your Backups


For some businesses, Christmas means a slowing down of operations; fewer staff, reduced orders, and more time to catch up on the filing. For other organizations Christmas is the busiest time of the year. Either way, there are definitely some precautions you can take to ensure a Grinch-like machine failure doesn’t steal your holiday cheer!

5 barriers to successful recovery assurance


Many recent studies have revealed there is a worrying lack of regular testing of the viability of backups, and there are good reasons for that. Finding time to run tests without disrupting day-to-day usage seems an impossible task, which is why many organisations rely on a ‘fingers-crossed it will work’ strategy. Risky – but frighteningly common.

Do you test simply to pass your DR test?

Keyboard healthcheck

Although often perceived as a necessary evil – regular disaster recovery testing is about more than seeing how well a business will cope if their systems fail. Comprehensive, objective DR testing can throw up interesting information about what is and isn’t working properly in your IT infrastructure, as well as give you a much needed level of recovery assurance.

Exploiting the cloud for recover assurance

Connect to cloud

We all know that the protection of data and systems is crucial to business continuity. Any loss of that data could be catastrophic. Disasters are inevitable in the life of an organization – whether man-made, natural or mechanical – and inevitably cause mayhem when machines storing valuable data become unavailable.

Why IT sleeps better with Cristie

head in hands

With 96% of SMB IT professionals fearing that they will be held personally responsible for data and machine recovery problems – it’s no wonder that many are now seeking ‘recovery assurance’. This is more than the latest buzz phrase in the backup and recovery industry – it’s essential for a successful and auditable disaster recovery strategy.

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