Machine Mobility

Migrate machines to a new environment

Cristie provides two methods to migrate machines to any physical, virtual or cloud environment.

Live Machine Migration takes a consistent point in time snapshot of a running machine which is used to create a new machine in the target environment. Optional “syncs” can be performed to capture any post migration changes, without the need to perform another full migration. A typical use case would be on-boarding an application group of machines or an entire data center to the Cloud or moving a cloud application back on-premise.

Migration from Backup uses an existing backup to recreate the machine to any new physical, virtual or cloud environment. Our system recovery solutions can be used to create a new machine (or group of machines) directly from any of our supported third party backup vendors native backups (or from Cristie’s standalone backup solution).

Virtual Appliance Screenshot
Migrate a machine simply using its credentials or use the advanced configuration for detailed options.

Solution Highlights

  • Migrate to or from any physical, cloud or virtual environment to any destination.
  • Large machines can be migrated over a period of several days. Perform one migration followed by several smaller “syncs” prior to cutover.
  • Migrate entire Application Groups together to ensure consistency.