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Virtual machine protection for vSphere

P4VM Backup and recovery for vSphere virtual machine protection


P4VM is a standalone, easy-to-use backup and recovery solution for virtual machine protection.

The software provides full protection for data files, databases and virtual servers and restores critical systems in minutes. Easily ensure business continuity and be in control with P4VM, ideal for remote and branch offices.

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Key features & benefits for VMWare users

Standalone back-up software solution, limiting the need for extra infrastructure, or management and saving you storage space, network bandwidth, processinag power and management resources.
Meet aggressive service level agreements, recovery time and point objectives (SLAs, RTOs, RPOs) with single file restore up to complete VM recovery for all supported operating systems.
Mount the chosen backup and restore single files or full backups. If you don’t want to recover a large backup just for one file, Single File Restore means you can simply mount the chosen backup and navigate through your filesystem to download that one needed file. Scripts can be run just before or after the pre back up snapshot is taken providing full control over the content of your virtual machine backup.
Back up multiple hosts that can be managed centrally, scalable up to thousands of VMs and designed for optimal network traffic, speed and storage efficiency. Local backup restores as fast as the environment will allow. 
Easy, secure, mobile access using the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) – with complete transparency, so you can manage multiple, simultaneous system recoveries onsite or remotely.
Replicate your backups to Amazon S3 or Amazon S3 compatible storage. Ensure you always have a copy of your backups, should the worst happen.

How P4VM works

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P4VM is a simple backup and recovery solution for Virtual Machines running on vSphere. It creates a backup of your entire system as well as the data files and databases that you specify. By using the VA, this provides unlimited control of proxies, and the frequency of backups can be set at VM level; from intervals of 3 hours up to monthly.  

P4VM can protect multiple VMs, across numerous Hosts from a centralized console. In the event of system failure or human error, the software provides rapid recovery.

Both complete VM restores and single file recovery can be performed. Recovery is reliable and the backup is stored in the native format, so is less likely to corrupt. To protect against backed-up malware or corruption, you can rely on retained backup history to revert back to the last identified good point, which adds an extra layer of vital protection for critical machines.  

P4VM is easy and simple to use through the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA), giving remote management and complete transparency. Also as the VA provides management of other Cristie solutions, including; Cristie Recover, CloneManager.  

Use P4VM to back up to the DR site locally, then CloneManager for continuous incremental synced backups maintenance.

P4VM - Workflow Sequence

Virtual Machine on vSphere

Deploy P4VM backup proxy to the virtual environment

License the P4VM software

Backup VMs on the virtual environment

Recover VMs to a virtual environment​

P4VM is licensed per VMWare host, and includes 12 months’ free support & maintenance. Find out more about our pricing here

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