Cristie BMR 8.5 Suite What’s New

Headline enhancements Our latest release includes volumes of new functionality which brings with it a wealth of benefits. Some of the key highlights include: ABMR support for Dell EMC Avamar client/server version up to 18.2.100-134/ respectively. NBMR support for Dell EMC NetWorker™ client/server version up to respectively. All BMR products include an option to […]

Testing Tape

You’ve got your production NAS running a full backup to tape every day/week/month as per your RPO requirements for archival, so your backup is covered. You’ve got a system to test the data integrity of the tape, so your data is covered. Now, how do test your recovery?

Windows 2003 versus the asteroid

Windows Server 2003 logo

When support for an IT product is withdrawn, the formal announcement is greeted by many with a cursory glance; the rumour mill let them know months, or even years, ago and they have already executed Plan B. But this still leaves a number of organisations for vendors to peck over, vying for their business. And that’s where the scaremongering comes in.

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