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Cristie Recovery RBMR for Rubrik now with full Rubrik Security Cloud integration.

Cristie Software System Recovery for Rubrik (RBMR) provides Rubrik Security Cloud integration with automatic discovery of all Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) protected files, volumes, and machines. Customers can combine the benefits of Rubrik zero-trust data security with the complete flexibility of Cristie Software system recovery. Through the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) any Rubrik backup object can be restored to any available point-in-time to the recovery platform of your choice. This seamless integration enables the powerful system recovery automation and orchestration features within the Cristie VA to be applied to any backup job supported in Rubrik Security Cloud.

Rubrik Security Cloud – The future of cyber resilience for all Rubrik customers.

Rubrik announced general availability of Rubrik Security Cloud in August 2022 as the unified dashboard for all Rubrik customers to monitor, manage and protect system resources across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS environments. Rubrik Security Cloud (RSC) provides control for all data protection resources including Rubrik clusters. Since RSC is SaaS based, customers gain instant access to the latest features and services as soon as they are available. RSC works with Rubrik CDM to provide universal view and control for all CDM protected objects within a customer’s infrastructure. RSC is the default interface for all new Rubrik deployments and will become the single management solution for all Rubrik installations after June 2024.

Cristie Software RBMR for Rubrik – combining zero-trust data protection with advanced infrastructure recovery.

Rubrik Security Cloud was designed based on zero-trust principles to proactively deter threats at the data level. Rubrik’s implementation of built-in immutability, secure protocols, logical isolation, encryption, access controls based on roles, multi-factor authentication, and integrated services all work together to maintain the integrity and accessibility of data. The addition of Cristie Software RBMR system recovery for Rubrik adds a full range of system recovery tools that allow systems to be recovered in as little as 10 minutes to any physical, virtual or cloud target. The powerful automation and recovery orchestration capabilities of RBMR can remove 100s of hours in administrative overhead compared to traditional system recovery methods. Having the ability to recover systems quickly and to a clean state following any cyberattack is vital to ensure operational resilience, prevent loss of revenue, and maintain customer experience. Cristie RBMR works in conjunction with Rubrik Security Cloud with no additional backup administration required within Rubrik Security Cloud to provide full system recovery protection. Full RSC integration is available with Cristie VA release 4.8.1 and above.

Contact Cristie Software to learn more about the benefits of including Cristie Software RBMR within your Rubrik Security Cloud infrastructure.

Cristie Software provides system recovery solutions that deliver fast and efficient system recovery for any IT environment. Large-scale system recovery can be achieved at the click of a button. Cristie recovery orchestration features ensure that complex tiered architectures can be recovered as quickly as possible with minimal intervention. In addition, the ability to undertake detailed system recovery simulations allows Cristie customers to have confidence in their RTO and RPO capabilities to meets SLAs or the self-assessment requirements of regulatory compliance. Contact our team to learn how RBMR works in conjunction with Rubrik Security Cloud and take your first steps towards deploying the most efficient system recovery process for your organization.

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