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Simplifying migration from VMware

Cristie Software offer an easy migration path from VMware for customers looking to move to alternative environments. Despite the dominance of VMware in virtualization, cloud management, end user computing, and hyperconverged infrastructure technologies, leading analyst house Forrester predicts that 20 percent of existing VMware customers will seek an alternative in 2024.

Migrate easily from VMware to a wide range of environments with Cristie Software

Cristie CloneManager replication and migration software in conjunction with the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) provides simple automated migration for VMware source machines to a range of alternative environments. Provisioning of target machines within the new environment can be automated based on source machine specifications, although system resource scaling can also be easily applied during the migration process.

Automate the migration of multiple systems from a single interface.

The migration of multiple systems can be managed from a single interface to physical, virtual and cloud targets with multi-tenant support also provided within the Cristie VA. Supported target platforms include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, Oracle Cloud, Nutanix AHV, Kubernetes, plus Amazon S3 and compatible targets. A wide range of Windows and Linux operating systems are supported, for the latest compatibility list visit our Product Support Matrix.

Migrate and replicate systems to online and offline targets.

CloneManager supports both ‘online’ and ‘offline’ migration and replication targets. Targets are termed ‘online’ when they are running machines ready to instantly take over from the source system. Online targets have the advantage that they are ready to run and can takeover operations very quickly. An alternative exists in the form of virtual disk image files. Virtual machines can be captured as a complete image in the same way that a system drive in a physical machine can be captured as a single disk image. The image file contains everything including the OS configuration, applications, and data. System replication or migration can be performed to a virtual disk image file stored within a private or public cloud environment rather than to a running machine. This has a significant cost advantage as only the cost of cloud storage is required to maintain these image files rather than storage plus compute resources. Offline replication can be a cost-effective solution when Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) are less demanding. Post replication network changes can also be scripted for both online and offline migrations.

In Summary

If you are evaluating a move from VMware to an alternative platform request a free trial of CloneManager to review our migration features first hand. For more information regarding the capabilities of CloneManager and the Cristie VA contact the Cristie Software team who are always available to provide a live demo and answer any questions.

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