Bare-metal recovery (RBMR) for Rubrik users.

Cybersecurity and disaster recovery (DR) requires a layered approach to ensure all elements of a company’s IT infrastructure are protected. Customers can rely on Rubrik to cyber-proof their enterprise data on physical systems and virtual machines with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups that can protect business critical data such as databases, file systems, containers and more. The addition of Cristie Software RBMR bare-metal recovery to any Rubrik installation extends system recovery capabilities to restore entire systems, including all operating system, user, application, and disk partitioning specifications to any physical, virtual or cloud recovery target.

Perform complete system recovery direct from Rubrik backups.

RBMR provides complete system recovery from your existing Rubrik backup jobs without the need to configure any additional backup tasks. However, the advantages do not stop with seamless system recovery. The addition of RBMR also provides powerful system recovery automation and DR orchestration features that can provide an essential lifeline in the event of a cyberattack or other system outage. Furthermore, these features offer a variety of techniques to help restore large scale server estates in the most labour free and time efficient manner.

Automating system recovery to dissimilar platforms for Rubrik users.

Rubrik integration with RBMR allows Rubrik to perform bare-metal recovery to any operating system that is supported by RBMR. RBMR works by booting a “recovery environment” which contains an operating system image with all required RBMR tools and scripts to facilitate the recovery process. Recovery targets do not need to be the same platform type. Cristie’s Dissimilar HardWare (DHW) technology can take care of any boot-critical driver discrepancies by automatically providing a path to additional drivers required to successfully boot the target system. This can eliminate the manual intervention steps that are typical when migrating systems between dissimilar platforms.

Bare-metal recovery (BMR) should form part of any robust DR strategy.

Having a dependable DR strategy in place including BMR ensures that you can get your system(s) back in the same state as they were before backup, without having to perform additional patches, pre-recovery setup or post-recovery remediation. Typical BMR challenges include:

  • Finding the right operating system version (OS).
  • Re-applying OS and application patches to the correct level.
  • Finding and reinstalling drivers for specific hardware.
  • Reinstalling the backup agent.
  • Remembering and recreating disk partitioning configurations.

RBMR Rubrik recovery orchestration for complete DR process customization.

RBMR can resolve all typical BMR challenges but also take your DR process to the next level through the extensive automation and recovery orchestration features which can facilitate tiered system recovery with as many pre and post recovery steps as you require. In-depth fine tuning of system recoveries and replications, including reboots, post recovery scripts, manual tasks, and custom choices for actions in the event of stage failures, are made possible by RMBR orchestration tasks. The Cristie VA-Orchestration Guide provides detailed information on task configuration and the automation capabilities inherent within RBMR for Rubrik.

Cristie Rubrik Bare-metal Recovery (RBMR) for Linux/Unix Hosts – Technical White Paper.

Rubrik and Cristie Software have developed a Technical White Paper ideal for field and technical support engineers, customer architects and solution engineers who want to have a better understanding of how Cristie Rubrik Bare-metal RBMR Recovery for Linux/Unix works. This deep dive document describes how to leverage RBMR in specific physical server recovery and disaster recovery scenarios and includes many best practices for configuration. 

In summary.

The combination of Rubrik zero-trust data security and RBMR bare-metal recovery from Cristie Software will ensure that your business operations are truly unstoppable in the event of a cyberattack of any other disaster scenario. Contact our team to learn more about RMBR for Rubrik and our capabilities to help you restore our IT infrastructure regardless of scale.

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