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Use Cases

Guarding Your Digital World: Explore Recovery & Replication Software Use Cases and Success Stories

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Récupération du système

  • Straightforward recovery of any single machine within your infrastructure with the ability to incorporate automation features if required.

  • Simplify your recovery workflow and reduce the skills needed to ensure you can recover systems when needed.

Automated System Recovery​

  • Remove manual intervention steps from your system recovery workflow to minimize recovery times.

  • Remove IT administration overhead and free your staff to focus on core business operations.

Cyber Resilience

  • Incorporate malicious file encryption detection into your system backup and recovery workflow.

  • Enhance your ability to recovery systems to their last known clean state following a cyberattack.

Recovery Testing

  • Verify that your system recovery and replication procedures can meet internal and external service level agreements (RTO/RPO) with scheduled recovery and replication simulations.

  • Automate recovery and replication testing without interrupting ongoing system protection.

  • Provide proof of system recovery capabilities to meet regulatory compliance directives such as HIPPA (healthcare) and financial sector Operational Resilience regulations.

Orchestrated System Recovery

  • Build detailed system recovery workflows with automated pre- and post- boot operations.

  • Incorporate manual intervention steps such as media loading or system boot preauthorization.

System Replication & Migration

  • Easily migrate systems between dissimilar operating environments.

  • Provide automated cloud onboarding services in multi-tenant environments.

Remote Office Backup & Recovery

  • Provide local system recovery for remote or branch locations providing recovery autonomy in the event of any failure, disaster or cyberattack.

  • Utilize local or cloud-based storage, or a hybrid architecture for maximum protection.

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