How Cristie ABMR makes Dell EMC Avamar work even better

When your organisation is tasked to protect an exponentially growing amount of data from breach or loss, you need to be sure you have the right tools, such as Avamar backup, available to keep critical data safely stored away and also easily accessible in the event of loss or corruption.

According to the Veeam Data Protection Trends Report of 2022, 40 % of servers suffer at least one outage each year. This report states that the average cost of downtime is $88,000 per hour, or $1,467 per minute, which means that businesses, whatever their size, are facing serious financial and operational impact if they can’t restore data quickly and efficiently.

Enhancing Dell EMC Avamar software with Cristie ABMR

Dell EMC Avamar software is proven to deliver secure data protection for cloud, remote offices, desktops, laptops, and data centres, and with it you can recover data following a disaster or cyberattack. If you’re looking for scalable and reliable backup recovery, Avamar covers most bases, but there’s always room to tweak performance and get even more of what you need.

And supercharging this process by using Cristie ABMR software allows you to recover your critical servers directly from your Dell EMC Avamar backups to Physical, Virtual or Cloud platforms providing greater flexibility and recovery options.

When you add ABMR to your Dell EMC Avamar environment, you can recover operating systems, applications, user configuration and data to any point in time available in your Avamar backup software.

What are the benefits of ABMR to Dell EMC Avamar users?

With integrated fully automated system recovery as well as point in time recoveries, fast recovery times, and support for multiple OS and cloud, ABMR offers more flexibility and scalability to your Avamar installation:

  • ABMR is a recommended recovery solution and is re-sold globally by Dell EMC and partners
  • DR scheduling and orchestrated recoveries
  • ABMR requires no additional storage space, network bandwidth or processing power and significantly reduces the management resources required to perform recoveries
  • Recoveries can be rolled back to a time before the disaster happened
  • You can recover directly from existing Dell EMC Avamar backups without extra infrastructure or management
  • Recovery testing to an isolated sandbox environment

How does ABMR work with Avamar software?

You can run a fully automated, scheduled complete bare machine recovery of your system direct from an Avamar backup, providing recovery assurance. The creation of the recovered machine is fully automated, and test scripts can be run to verify integrity and functionality of the recovered applications.

Setting up regular schedules in advance means the entire server infrastructure can be tested during an allocated timeframe on a predefined frequency.

As the recovered machines can be held in an isolated network and can be released after every simulation, you don’t need to have permanent compute or storage for each system. Detailed reporting will highlight any issues found and provide an audit track of successful results.

Running a recovery is straightforward, following this simple process:

  • Install ABMR on the client system to be protected.
  • License the Avamar software using a trial or full license. The software will then gather configuration parameters, including details about the hard disks, operating system, storage controller, network adapter and network settings. Some of these details can be tailored.
  • Perform a standard Avamar backup.
  • Boot the recovery environment on the target system and monitor the automated restore process.

Try Cristie ABMR with your Dell EMC Avamar installation

Having a high-quality backup system that will allow your organisation to quickly regain access to breached or lost data and to get systems speedily up and running again is an increasingly essential toolset for today’s business world.

Cristie ABMR working in tandem with Dell EMC Avamar gives you the best chance to be back on your feet quickly in the case of disaster – but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

We have three great options for you:

Enjoy trying out the ABMR software – we think you’ll agree that with the dream team of ABMR with Dell EMC Avamar, you won’t get caught without a comprehensive and secure backup system ever again.