The Cristie Virtual Appliance is now able to manage, recover and simulate Networker, Avamar, TSM and Cristie installations and backups including support for older Networker and Avamar clients. Behind the scenes the team have completed numerous enhancements and fixes to improve our continuous delivery pipeline, resulting in the smoothest release to date.

Cristie VA 2.6 what's new

Amélioration des titres

Notre dernière version comprend un grand nombre de nouvelles fonctionnalités qui offrent de nombreux avantages. Voici quelques-unes des principales nouveautés :


  • Added support for EMC Avamar client 18.1 for Recovery & Simulation
  • Added support for EMC Networker client 18.1 for Recovery & Simulation
  • Added support for TSM client 8.1.6 for Recovery & Simulation
  • Machine credentials are now stored after any action. Reducing the need to keep entering credentials
  • TBMR Proxy makes fewer calls to TSM servers
  • Now supports replication of UEFI systems for both Windows & Linux
  • Now supports replication of Windows Server 2016
  • Includes the latest 8.4 release of ABMR, CBMR, NBMR & TBMR for Windows and Linux
  • Includes the latest 8.4 release of CBMR for AIX & Solaris
  • Includes the latest 3.5 release of CloneManager for Windows & Linux
  • You can now manage your estate in your environment without the use of the Cristie Deployment Service
  • DR Proxies (used by Recovery and Simulation) can now have a custom identifier in the name
  • Backup storage can now be managed from settings as well as on a per machine basis
  • Machine configuration are queried from the backup if they are more than 7 days old
  • Hypervisor discovery is more resilient to restricted permissions in vSphere environments

Corrections de bogues

  • Fixed an issue where Linux log files downloaded using the ‘Download Logs’ button would only contain one file
  • Fixed aborting CBMR backups kicking off consolidation
  • Fixed an issue with AIX deployment where /opt filesystem space was not increased, causing deployment to fail
  • Fixed Cristie services not stopping when uninstalling products on Solaris
  • TSM SSL certificate would not upload if the certificate was not named cert256.arm. This is now fixed
  • If you selected anything other than the default TSM port (1500) recoveries would fail. This is now fixed
  • Deploying CloneManager directly from the ‘Add Machines’ modal would not allow you to add the selected machine to the job
  • Minor GUI enhancements and bug fixes