Cristie VA 4.5.1 Novedades

A continuación le informamos de las novedades de Cristie Virtual Appliance. La versión 4.5.1 incluye un montón de nuevas funcionalidades y correcciones de errores que traen consigo una gran cantidad de beneficios.

We are pleased to announce a new update for the Cristie Virtual Appliance. The 4.5.1 release includes lots of new functionality and bug fixes which bring with it a wealth of benefits.

Mejoras en los titulares

  • You can now perform Windows upgrades as part of a replication job. See the new “Upgrade Management” section for more details.
  • You can now perform recoveries, replications and simulations to the latest generation of Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machines.
  • You can now perform full audits on BMR/replication licensing actions

Corrección de errores

  • Desktop licenses from the Cristie Portal could not be imported for use into the VA.
  • Replication log bundles would not include target log files.
  • Flexi shapes could not be used for Oracle Cloud simulations/replications.
  • It was sometimes not possible to add a system/backup into a replication/simulation job when certain disks were deselected.
  • Deployment to Windows Server 2008R2 systems would fail with a missing KB error.
  • Some agent or ISO binaries could not be downloaded directly from the software download page.

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