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System replication to & from physical, virtual or cloud targets

Continuous Replication for your entire estate, from Legacy systems on physical machines through to Virtual & Cloud environments​

Offline Replication direct to VMware Virtual Disk Files

Online Replication for critical Physical Systems with time saving dissimilar hardware technology

Simple Replication direct to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Key features & benefits for CloneManager Replication users

Live Replication

Fully automated with periodic syncs between the source and target systems based on RPO requirements. Only changed data will be copied.

Virtual Disk Replication​

Clone directly to a virtual disk image files in AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud or S3 blob storage removing the overhead of a running virtual or physical machine.

File or block based replication

Block based replication can significantly lower your RPOs when compared to file based replication.

Testing Sandbox

Create a sandbox test environment even on physical systems without interrupting continuous replication.

Failover and Failback

Source systems may be monitored with automatic failover when any outage is detected with automatic DNS changes if required.

RPO Reporting

Determine if you can meet your RPOs with CloneManager RPO monitoring and reporting. Receive email reports for replications that fall outside of your target RPOs.

CloneManager key feature video walkthroughs

Enhanced Disaster Recovery testing

Simulate DR scenarios by creating a test environment even on physical systems without interrupting continuous replication.

Multi-tenant support provided within the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA)

Multi tenancy support is provided within the VA to ensure that departments or company divisions can have a dedicated secure replication environment that is ringfenced if required. In the case of S3 storage each client can also be provided with unique Access and Secret keys to their individual S3 object storage locations.

Replication direct to a disk image files

Clone directly to a target disk image file instead of a running virtual or physical machine, saving you the time and cost of maintaining a running target system. All common system image file standards are supported including vhdx, qcow2 and vmdk.

Automated Failover & Failback reducing RTO

The automated failover & failback of multiple systems, to and from physical, virtual or Cloud targets can be managed from a single interface.

CloneManager Replication requires one license per system it protects and includes 12 month free support & maintenance. Find out more about our pricing here

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BMR Suite 9.6.1

Today we are pleased to be releasing  a new version of our BMR Suite 9.6.1 for Windows & Linux (Intel) to production. The suite consists

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