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Your trusted choice for critical system recovery.

System Recovery Time

Automated system recovery at scale from Rubrik, Cohesity, Dell and IBM backups. 

Real-time system replication with automated failover for near-zero downtime.

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Why Cristie Software?

Our system recovery solutions offers a one-button recovery feature that can cater to a single server, or your entire server estate. You can recover complete physical, virtual or cloud based systems from a native backup or a synchronized Cristie replica, ensuring your business experiences minimal disruption.

Our Advanced Anomaly Detection feature can provide early warning of changes in file structure which may indicate malicious file encryption as a precursor to ransomware activity.

Automated system recovery that integrates with your IPMI and key management systems to control the boot process for physical and virtual systems.

With multiple patent awards and a progressive roadmap our system recovery technology is guaranteed to evolve keeping your infrastructure protected now and into the future.

Recovery simulations can be scheduled to verify backup integrity, confirm recovery times, and allow isolated sandbox testing for patch verification and cyber forensics.

Achieve system recovery in minutes, not hours, from a common management platform. Systems can be recovered to and from virtual, physical & cloud platforms in any direction.

Seamlessly add system recovery to Rubrik Security Cloud, Cohesity DataProtect, Dell Technologies and IBM backup solutions.

Cristie Software Overview Video

Reliable system recovery for your business.

Cristie transforms backup data into business continuity. Our automated system recovery complements your DR plan, ensuring rapid restoration of systems and applications – even to dissimilar environments.

80% of companies overlook system recovery and invest the majority of their cybersecurity spend on detection. Cybercriminals will go undetected so solid system recovery is vital.

Cybercriminals will obtain user credentials through successful phishing campaigns. System recovery will be your final defense against ransomware demands.

Service or application downtime will impact revenue. Minimize financial risk with the fastest possible system recovery or failover solution.

With Cristie Software as part of your DR strategy you can be confident you have done everything you can to guarantee system recovery.

System recovery is a fundamental component of achieving operational resilience and meeting regulatory compliance across many industries.

The cost of downtime can include damage to your brand and customer experience. Don’t let poor system recovery take away your competitive advantages.

We are trusted by a third of Fortune 500 Companies

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