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Demostración de CBMR para un sistema Linux y otro Windows

CBMR datasheet

CBMR datasheet

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CBMR documentation

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Cristie Recovery System to and from Physical, Virtual or Cloud targets


Recuperar sistemas completos tras un desastre o un ciberataque


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Principales características y ventajas para los usuarios de Cristie Recovery CBMR

Flexible Recovery targets

With our unique dissimilar environment technology, you can recover to any physical, virtual or cloud target with automatic boot critical driver insertion. CBMR can recover systems from Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, VMware, Hyper-V and cloud platforms such as Azure, OCI and Amazon EC2.

Identical Systems

Recover entire workloads including OS configuration, applications, data and user information. With automation you can recover multiple systems from a single interface.

Automation and sandbox testing

CBMR provides DR automation and orchestration capabilities plus the ability to recover systems within a sandbox environment to validate recovery processes and RTO objectives

Solución recomendada

CBMR is sold globally by Cristie Software and our channel partners and is available for both perpetual and subscription-based licensing.

Find out more about our pricing or read more about us at Cristie Software

CBMR is a simple, yet powerful, backup software solution that creates a backup of your entire system as well as the data files and databases that you specify. The backup can be held on a network share, a tape device, a library, a standalone NAS or using Spectrum Protect.

The software will also provide quick recovery of the operating system in the event of system failure or human error. The recovered machine can be on dissimilar hardware or on a virtual or cloud machine.

CBMR also provides the ability to clone to a new machine from an existing backup. The cloning option allows the hostname and/or the IP address to be changed during the recovery.

CBMR allows you to backup data on your system to any backup location attached to your computer or network, including FTP (Windows only), tape, VMware, Hyper-V, Spectrum Protect and AWS and OCI public clouds. You can then examine the content of the backup and restore any desired files or directories.

The intuitive interface and workflow offers four pre-configured backup methods to choose from with CBMR on Windows:

  • Normal – backup selected files and make a note of files that are backed up 
  • Copy – same as Normal but will not interfere 
  • Differential – backup all the files that are changed/new since the last Normal or Incremental backup 
  • Incremental – same as differential but the archive will also be reset. 

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