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Cristie lanza una suite premium de recuperación del sistema

Cristie Recovery Suite es un conjunto integrado de soluciones que combina una potente recuperación del sistema y una simulación de recuperación automatizada para los principales productos de copia de seguridad.

Cristie is excited to announce the launch of Cristie Recovery Suite, an integrated suite of solutions that combines powerful system recovery and automated recovery simulation for leading backup products.

Cristie Recovery Suite allows users of backup products including IBM Spectrum Protect and EMC Avamar/NetWorker, to recover machines directly from native backups without any additional management or infrastructure. The recovered machine is identical to the original, including data, OS, applications and configuration information. Integral to the suite is recovery simulation functionality. As well as recovering protected systems to any point in time provided by the backup, users can schedule automated, simulated recoveries, testing in advance if their backups will recover correctly. Full reporting is provided, with an auditable trail of results that satisfies business needs or external regulations. Instant recoveries can be performed to a wide range of physical, hypervisor and cloud targets from a remote central console. Multiple servers can be recovered or tested simultaneously, making this the most cost-effective way to validate the reliability of an organization’s business continuity strategy. Cristie Recovery Suite supports Windows, Linux, AIX, and Solaris.

Additional benefits include:

    • Convenient options for perpetual or rental licensing
    • Free support and maintenance for the first 12 months after purchase
    • Windows 10 support to protect critical workstations
    • EFI (GPT) to BIOS (MBR) boot conversion to help transition to new hardware on recovery
    • IPv6 support to record essential recovery information
    • A streamlined license activation process

For further information about Cristie system recovery and recovery simulation click here.

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