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Cristie CBMR

Cristie System Recovery to and from Physical, Virtual or Cloud targets

Cristie CBMR software is a standalone recovery solution to protect your critical servers.

Visión general

Cristie CBMR Recovery simplifies the automated recovery of multiple systems.

Powerful features remove complexity and manual intervention from your recovery workflow. Recovery simulations can be scheduled to ensure your disaster recovery plan will work when you need it most.

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Key features & benefits for CBMR users

Con nuestra exclusiva tecnología de entornos distintos, puede recuperar en cualquier destino físico, virtual o en la nube con inserción automática de controladores críticos de arranque. CBMR puede recuperar sistemas de Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, VMware, Hyper-V y plataformas en la nube como Azure, OCI y Amazon EC2.
System DR process audits are a core component of many industry compliance directives. Our DR orchestration tools enable the automation of CBMR recovery simulation reports to simplify your regulatory compliance procedures.
Con nuestras pruebas mejoradas puede simular la recuperación del sistema con la automatización de la DR para verificar que sus procedimientos de recuperación funcionarán cuando más los necesite, y todo ello sin tener que depender de la intervención manual.
Recupere cargas de trabajo completas, incluida la configuración del sistema operativo, las aplicaciones, los datos y la información de usuario. Gracias a la automatización, puede recuperar varios sistemas desde una única interfaz.
CBMR provides DR automation and orchestration capabilities plus the ability to recover systems within a sandbox environment to validate recovery processes and RTO objectives. 
Cristie Software y nuestros socios de canal comercializan CBMR en todo el mundo, y está disponible para licencias perpetuas y de suscripción.

How CBMR works

Learn more about CBMR.

CBMR is a simple, yet powerful, backup software solution that creates a backup of your entire system as well as the data files and databases that you specify. The backup can be held on a network share, a tape device, a library, a standalone NAS or using Spectrum Protect.

The software will also provide quick recovery of the operating system in the event of system failure or human error. The recovered machine can be on dissimilar hardware or on a virtual or cloud machine.

CBMR also provides the ability to clone to a new machine from an existing backup. The cloning option allows the hostname and/or the IP address to be changed during the recovery.

CBMR allows you to backup data on your system to any backup location attached to your computer or network, including FTP (Windows only), tape, VMware, Hyper-V, Spectrum Protect and AWS and OCI public clouds. You can then examine the content of the backup and restore any desired files or directories.

CBMR - Workflow Sequence

VM, Cloud or Physical Server

Prepare Server

Install CBMR Agent
Create/Copy Binary

Protect Server

Create Protection Policy & Group

Download the Recovery ISO

Download the recovery ISO from Cristie

Boot Recovery ISO

Connect to Platform

select desired snapshot

Complete Recovery

CBMR Recovery Environment

CBMR requires one license per system it protects and includes 12 month free support & maintenance. Find out more about our pricing here

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