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Monitored Recovery & Replication

Recovery & Replication to meet SLAs and RPO/RTO targets for vital infrastructure and business services.

Customer Challenge:​

Many industries have strict service level agreements (SLAs) that must be met for both internal and consumer facing services, the healthcare services sector is no exception. As a major S&P 500 healthcare services & insurance provider, SLA times for various services ranged from near zero tolerance at the highest level, through to recovery within 24 hours at the lowest. Within these limits, services were categorised into five tiers based on recovery time objectives (RTO). It was determined that traditional recovery methods using the incumbent backup platform could not guarantee RTO times for middle tier applications that required recovery within 30 minutes to 4 hours. A synchronized replication solution was required to provide live standby systems for failover, with the ability to test RTO/RPO performance without interrupting ongoing synchronizations.

Cristie Solution:​

The deployment of Cristie CloneManger Replication software allowed physical live standby systems to be commissioned at a dedicated 2nd site to provide failover targets in the event of a primary site system outage. CloneManager allows the synchronization period between source and target machines to be configured based on recovery point objectives (RPO) with near continuous real-time synchronization possible. RPO & RTO targets for systems supporting middle tier applications could easily be supported. CloneManager also provided the ability to perform simulated failover and recovery testing to an isolated network to provide RTO/RPO verification without interrupting ongoing live synchronizations.

Healthcare services & health insurance provider

A North American not-for-profit health system operating 94 hospitals in 22 states, including 120 continuing care locations encompassing home care, hospice, PACE and senior living facilities. The charity employs more than 120,000 people including 5,300 physicians offering a wide range of services to patients including acute care hospitals, a network of outpatient clinics, and a variety of support services.

Cristie Software Benefits

  • Cristie Recovery Simulations Provide Measurement Against Your RTO Targets.

    Cristie Recovery provides automated recovery simulation with detailed reporting on actual recovery duration for comparison against RTO targets.

  • Meet Demanding Service Level Agreements with CloneManager Synchronous Replication.

    For vital infrastructure and services that must meet stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Cristie’s CloneManager provides synchronous replication with customizable sync periods.

  • CloneManager RPO Reporting Provides Verification that your System Failover will meet RPO Targets.

    CloneManager RPO reporting can help to ensure that vital services within a tiered service delivery architecture have the resilience needed to meet SLA requirements.

  • Replicate Systems to an Isolated Environment for Testing Without Impacting Ongoing Synchronisation.

    Systems can be replicated into an isolated environment to test the viability of clone targets while continuing to update live replications with ongoing syncs.

Empower Your Recovery Strategy with Cristie Solutions

From aligning with your RTO targets through recovery simulations to ensuring SLAs with synchronous replication, we ensure resilience meets demand. Get in touch to level up your disaster recovery plans and meet every SLA!

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