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Cyber Recovery

System recovery to mitigate the impacts of a cyber-attack.

Customer Challenge:​

The ability to recover quickly following a cyber-attack is a major priority for any organization, and more so for those that present many customer-facing services. In addition to lost revenue, a prolonged outage can damage brand reputation and customer experience for a significant period following the event. Having multiple customer interface points can broaden the attack surface for potential cybercrime. In this instance, a long-established charity organization within the APAC region determined that the administrative overhead of performing system recovery for multiple customer-facing services using existing recovery tools would present an unacceptably long recovery time in the event of a cyber-attack. There was a clear requirement for an extra layer of protection to recover systems and supporting infrastructure to meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) quickly and automatically.

Cristie Solution:​

Using Cristie Recovery (NBMR) automation features in conjunction with their existing Dell Networker backup environment, the organization was able to eliminate 100s of hours in system recovery administration overhead. Recovery of systems supporting important customer-facing services such as payments, consisting of server estates numbering into the hundreds, was easily automated with Cristie Recovery (NBMR) software. Cristie Recovery features allowed customization for the requirements of multiple operating systems and network configuration options to accommodate secure isolated air-gapped network infrastructures. The seamless integration with Dell Networker Data Protection Software provided full recovery from a single backup and enhanced the benefits of the Dell Cyber Recovery Vault platform to ensure system recovery could be easily comply with internal cyber recovery RTO directives.

Customer Profile: Charity organization

A long-established non-profit organization within the APAC region providing horse racing, sporting, and betting entertainment. The charity provides dining, social, sport and recreation facilities to over 23,000 members. With multiple racing venues, over 100 regional outlets, and upwards of 24,000 staff, the charity IT infrastructure supports many functions and customer touchpoints.

Cristie Software Benefits

  • Cristie Anomaly Detection Can Recognize Ransomware Encryption During the Backup Process.

    Backups are a vital defence against ransomware and the backup process provides an ideal opportunity to compare file structures between subsequent backup jobs. Cristie Software anomaly detection technology can identify file encryption and provide the earliest possible warning that a cyber-attack is in progress.

  • Cristie Software Can Assist Cyber Forensics to Determine Your Last Known Clean Copy of Data.

    Cristie Software anomaly detection can help to determine the “last known clean” backup of data through malware encryption detection.

  • Recover Systems to any available Point-In-Time.

    Cristie Recovery can facilitate restoration of systems to any point-in-time available within the native backup environment. This can ensure systems are returned to their last known clean instance following a cyberattack.

  • Restore Systems to any Physical, Virtual or Cloud Based Recovery Target.

    Systems can be recovered to alternative target host locations if required while source machines are analysed to ensure all malware traces have been removed.

System Recovery & Replication Solutions

Protecting & Recovering your Infrastructure in every situation.

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