We are pleased to announce a new update for the Cristie Virtual Appliance. The 4.3.1 release includes lots of new functionality and bug fixes which bring with it a wealth of benefits.

Headline Enhancements

  • You can now specify network changes (hostname, IP, DNS etc) to take place when your CloneManager Offline replications are powered on.
  • You can now specify custom scripts to run when your CloneManager Offline replications are powered on.
  • Enhanced testing is now available for CloneManager Offline systems.
  • A reworked user interface for CloneManager Offline systems. Allowing you to use pre existing hypervisor targets, automatically create machines from the interface & even configure boot orders.
  • You can now replicate your pods/containers from Kubernetes up to Oracle Cloud! Check out our new “Kube Management” section from “Tools”.
  • You can now specify custom password policies for your users on a per tenancy basis, as per your organisation’s password policy.
  • You can now surrender licences back from systems that are no longer online back to the VA pool to be reused.
  • You can now surrender licences back from the VA to the Cristie Licensing Portal to be reused on another VA, or for manual deployments.
  • You can now recover and replicate EFI machines directly to Oracle Cloud without EFI->BIOS conversion taking place, ensuring your target system is more similar to your original and reducing complexity in the recovery/replication process.
  • You can now filter the job/backup/machine lists in the Backup, Simulate, Recover and Replicate sections of the VA. Try filtering by name, product, enabled status, running status or replication type!
  • You can now setup DR Orchestration plans to recover back to physical systems that have not yet booted into the DR environment; perfect for if your DR plan involves recovering back to the original hardware.
  • The VA dashboard has been redesigned! You can now add customisable widgets, change the layout and see even more information at a single glance.
  • CloneManager Offline replications now auto detect the Object Storage Namespace.
  • All VA emails now contain the IP address of the VA.
  • Mounting NFS datastores is now optional when discovering a vSphere hypervisor. When disabled, the datastore is mounted on the host at recovery/replication time.

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a user would sometimes fail.
  • CoBMR pre-backup scripts pushed via the VA would cause warnings in the Cohesity DataProtect console.
  • vSphere hypervisor discoveries that took a long time would fail with database connection timeout errors.
  • Software deployment of BMR 9.3.2 to Windows systems would fail if the system was missing KB2506143.
  • Software deployment of BMR 9.3.2 to Windows systems would sometimes fail to correctly deploy a licence.
  • Software deployment to Windows systems could sometimes leak sensitive user data to the event log.
  • The CloneManager ISOs available via the download page had broken links.
  • It was not previously possible to turn off dissimilar hardware for Linux replications/recoveries.
  • Post recovery checks would not be run is the system was recovered by a different VA than deployed through.
  • NBMR installations on 2016 would fail if the NetWorker extended client was not installed.
  • It was not possible to modify the log level for CloneManager Offline replications.
  • Reset password utility would only work for the root tenant.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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