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Red Hat

System recovery & replication for Red Hat Linux platforms.

Cristie & Red Hat

Cristie Software system recovery and replication solutions for Red Hat Linux platforms cater for the very latest editions with support extending back to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Cristie has enjoyed a long partnership with Red Hat and have been proud sponsors of the annual Red Hat Summit event.

In 2023 Cristie Software completed the acquisition of Storix, Inc. Storix provide backup and recovery software for Linux, AIX and Solaris based virtual and physical systems through its core product SBAdmin (System Backup Administrator). SBAdmin was released in 2004 as the first flexible full-system backup and bare-metal recovery solution for Linux systems including Red Hat. Through this acquisition Storix backup and recovery solutions will be maintained and developed for current and future customers.

Red Hat Support

System recovery and replication solutions for Red Hat based platforms.

Bare-metal Recovery

Bare-metal recovery solutions for Red Hat with Storix.

Legacy Support

Legacy support from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Find current Red Hat compatibility in our Product Support Matrix.

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