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Full system recovery for IBM Storage Protect and IBM Storage Defender users.
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Cristie & IBM

IBM have had a strategic technology partnership with Cristie Software for over 15 years and present Cristie TBMR as their recommended solution for system recovery from IBM Storage Protect (formerly IBM Spectrum Protect), and Cristie CoBMR for systems protected by IBM Storage Defender. Software licenses are available to purchase through the IBM Passport Advantage PPA price book.

AIX Users Find Reliable Backup in Cristie Software's SysBack

Cristie also sell and support SysBack software which was originally developed by IBM as a backup and recovery product for AIX systems.  In 2017 Cristie Software purchased the exclusive license rights to SysBack from IBM and continue to develop and support the software for AIX users.

Data Protection

Seamless integration with IBM Storage Protect & IBM Storage Defender

Easy Management

No additional backup administration required

Scalable Recovery

Automate system recovery at scale from native IBM backups

IBM Trusted Solutions

System recovery for IBM Storage Defender

Cristie TBMR

System recovery for IBM Storage Protect

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