Cristie软件公司今天宣布,它已与IBM达成协议,接管IBM SysBack软件的开发和支持。

IBM System Backup and Recovery (known as IBM SysBack) software is used by many AIX system administrators and other system users to provide a simple, efficient way to back up and recover AIX systems and data. As part of the agreement, IBM announced end of life for IBM’s support of IBM SysBack software and in the future the software and support will only be available through Cristie Software.


Cristie has deep expertise in Unix operating systems as well as a number of varieties of Linux running on both IBM POWER and Intel platforms. These Unix machines are usually running mission critical applications where fast reliable recovery as well as automated recovery testing is essential.


Ian Cameron, CEO of Cristie Software, commented –

“We are delighted to expand our product portfolio on IBM Power Systems. We plan to work with customers to establish an exciting roadmap of new features for the SysBack software including support for the AIX operating system on the POWER9 platform and introducing automated recovery testing.”


Cristie’s software solutions help organizations protect, recover and move critical machines to dissimilar hardware, hypervisor and cloud environments, as part of their migration strategies and DR planning. Cristie provides instant system recovery, recovery simulation, flexible machine migration and hot standby functionality for Windows, Linux and Unix systems.


Cristie will be attending IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas later this month. If anyone has any questions or wish to discuss details with the team, they welcome the opportunity to meet up; please call +44 153 847 000 or email