Cristie’s system recovery software products provide fast automated and consistent recovery of systems and applications to their original state from a standard backup. Our products support recovery direct from IBM’s Spectrum Protect, EMC’s Networker and Avamar and Cohesity’s DataProtect backup products. We also provide our own backup and system recovery product – CBMR. Key features of all our System Recovery products are:

Cristie’s system recovery products

ABMR for users of EMC’s Avamar backup software Dell EMC Avamar with Cristie Bare Machine Recovery
NBMR for users of EMC’s Networker backup product Dell EMC NetWorker logo
CoBMR for users of Cohesity’s DataProtect backup software Cohesity
TBMR for users of IBM’s Spectrum Protect (formerly TSM) backup product IBM Spectrum Protect Icon
CBMR for users who require a complete backup and recovery solution